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What Do Your Favourite Sea & Water Creatures ReflectPicture Courtesy: Wikipedia / GNU Free Documentation License About Aging Backwards You?


All creatures reflect our behaviour. Which sea & water creatures do you like, think About Aging Backwards, see often, feel a closeness to, have a kinship with?  See if it is in our directory below.


Dolphin   (General)  

Photo Credit: US Government NASA

A mirror for man in various behaviours; both so called good, and not so good; striving to become perfection within the whole.

What do I see? I see me; the capabilities so high.

(A simple mirror indeed: Dolphins, like humans, portray the best and the worst of behaviours. They can be the most faithful friend as well as the most hateful enemy.

Watch the dolphin at play and you see children laughing gaily; wondering what magic is around the next corner. Watch the dolphin in sexual pursuit of his goal and you may see a frantic demonic pack of unbridled gluttony. Watch as they swim alongside a craft upon the sea and you may find yourself entranced by the beauty of their communication.

Yes, like humans, the Dolphins have a multitude of ways to express themselves. What you see the Dolphin capable of, so too human beings.)

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Fish  (General)

Hows About Aging Backwards going out and finding out what's what...!?

Why sit at home wondering when there's so much to know; so much to do...........!?

Yes, life can be difficult at times. However, are we going to take the bull by the horns, or are we going to whither and die?

The choice is always ours.

(So, whatís it to be; a life of fulfilment or a life of hardship and want?

Thatís our choice. Yeah sure; we canít help what our parents have done or not done. We canít help the looks that we were born with. We have no choice as to our financial upbringing; no, these things are not within our control. However; when it comes to today and the choices that we make; they are ours.

Do we want to be subject to our upbringing forever? Do we want to allow our looks to control our destiny? Do we want to hang on to a poverty mindset? Do we want any of the unnecessary developments of mind that have hindered our past to hinder our future? Yes? No? The choice is ours and ours alone.

Certainly we cannot change our past. We cannot change our looks. We cannot change anything without a great deal of thought, courage and strength to back us up.

Well, what is it to be? Remain the same, or change? The choice is always ours.)

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Catch me if you can. Now you see me. Now you donít.

There is a time for coming and going; for evolving, for resting. However, now is the time for quick movement away from the oncoming danger..... Be as the otter and dart About Aging Backwards with great agility in order to confuse your foe!

(Watch your back, my dear friend; some may not care for what you doÖ

This is a timely reminder, dear friend: Donít allow your good nature to cause you future distress. Yes, we all know that it would be wonderful should all within the world see as clearly as we see. However, dear one, that is just not the case. We must not close our eyes to the distressing aspects of our world. Granted, we need not partake of the energies of anger, jealousy indeed vehemence in any of its forms. However; we do need to protect ourselves from those elements; lest we see our otherwise enjoyable state of mind deliberately abused.

We must put an end to our childishness. We must put away our toys. We must allow ourselves to grow-up and see that all is not well in our world. As has been said; we need not partake of the energies abounding in the, shall we say, negative vibration. Yes, let us call those energies Ďnegative vibrationsí. Indeed, we do not want to see those, whose experience this time upon earth is to visit with and enjoy the Ďlighter vibrationsí, placing themselves in an energy that has no part to play in their experience.

We hope that this proves valuable to you, dear friend. Better to see all with a balanced eye than not to see and become one of the abused.)

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Credit: US National Oceanic and Atmospheric AssociationWell, well, well. So you want to know what the sea horse represents? We will tell you.

You, dear heart; it represents you, when you are at your best.......

(Hi there; Iím a seahorse and I like to be good. ďGoodĒ, you say! Yes, good.

I enjoy being good; so is there anything wrong with that? Yes or no? Well I donít mind what others think; I enjoy being good and thatís the way Iíll stay.

ďWhat is good?Ē, you ask. Well to me, good is enjoying myself. I canít enjoy myself if Iím bad, so to speak. Yes, good is being calm and loving and friendly and mischievous. ďMischievousĒ, I hear you say! Yes, thereís a lot of fun in being mischievous, donít you think? Yes, being good makes me feel good. I donít do it for any other reason; oh no. Iím not being good because I want you to think that Iím good; oh no. Iím being good because it makes me feel good. Funny though; Ďcause when I feel good you are generally made to feel good too. Funny thing this being good is. When I feel good and calm and friendly and mischievous then you can feel good too; kinda like a ripple effect, you know!)

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 Seal Picture Courtesy: K. ComptonSeal

How's About Aging Backwards a kiss. Ohhh ..... go on, give us a kiss!!!!!!! With a pussa (face) like mine, you gotta feel like kissin' it ..... Yeah?

 (Woní t you come with me? Wonít you?

Wonít you come with me to a land where all things are wonderful; all things are grand? It exists! Yes it does!

Why do you doubt? Why do you doubt that there is a land where all is wonderful? Why? Canít you allow your imagination to fly? Canít you allow yourself to grow? Canít you allow a life a beauty and hope? NoÖ! 

Okay, we understand. We understand that you will not allow yourself to have fun; yes we do. We understand that you will not allow yourself to grow; that we do; yes, that we do.

Shame though; Ďcause thatís all we got; you knowÖ. Yes; thatís all we got when all is said and done. Imagination is our guide; our joy; our love; our might; indeed tíis true. Take away our imagination and what are we? Thatís right. We may as well climb into that hole now and allow the darkness to have its way. Thatís right. We may as well go behind that big door and hide in the darkness; yep thatís right. For that is what will happen to us without a good imagination. Yep; thatís right, my friend. We will be up the creek without a paddle, so to speak.

Imagination; a wonderful tool for those of us who allow.)   

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