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What Do Your Favourite Reptiles and AmphibiansPicture Courtesy: Wikipedia / Public Domain Say About Aging Backwards You?



Which reptile and or amphibian do you like, think About Aging Backwards, see often, feel a closeness to, have a kinship with?  See if it is in our directory below.




Credit: U.S. Fish & Wildlife ServiceSplish splash I was taking a bath. Splish splash I was taking a



And on, and on, and on, and on….

(The Alligator personality is full of personality, so to speak….

What can we say About Aging Backwards the Alligator that could be of value to you, my dear friend?

If you are interested in the Alligator it is because you have a wealth of personality; that’s for sure; a wealth of personality that can see many things that others do not see. And what is meant by this?

Those who enjoy the Alligator have a wealth indeed, a myriad of opportunities available to them. And why is this so? This is so my dear friends, because the Alligator lover is just that….

He/she is a lover…!

Hmmmmm, I hear you say….

Yes, this is indeed the truth. The Alligator lover is a lover of life, of friendship, of patience (well, some of them are a lover of patience and some have yet to learn this particular lesson); however; to return to our portrayal of the Alligator lover’s personality.

Many will love the Alligator lover. He/she is a lovable type; certainly true….

Have we said enough? Yes? No? To be sure the Alligator has many more strings to his/her bow however; there needs to be something left for the imagination now; doesn’t there?)

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Blue Tongue Lizard

Courtesy: Miklos SchibernaYep.....this is mine !

Yep.....this is mine !

Yep.....this is mine !

Aren't I lucky !

(Yep.....all this is mine, and it's yours too................; if you want it; that is! No, you don’t have to have it; somebody else may want it. However, my friend, it’s all yours too. Don’t you know what I mean? No? Well; let me tell you. Once upon a time there was a land where we met. Yes we did. Don’t you remember that land? No? Well, let me tell you that this land had everything a’plenty. Indeed it did.

And, what happened to that land?

Well; eons upon eons ago the land was stripped bare.


It was stripped bare because no-one knew how to look after it.

Boy; that must have been awful!

Yes, it was stripped bare because no-one knew how to look after it properly.

And so, what became of it?

Look around you. There are many upon the land now who are trying to fix it.

Well, that’s good.

Yes and no.

Why yes and no?

Because just as quickly as someone tries to fix it, someone else comes along to do more damage.

Well, that can’t be a good thing.

No; it certainly is not.

So; what is the answer for the land?

Oh, the land will survive.)

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Boa Constrictor  (General)

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/ShareAlike License/Author Tod Baker, Tianjin, China

Ah, go on, have a heart; times a wasting. We’ve got more to say ’bout this, but who listens?

Time to move on to other things. Sad, cause not everything gets done in the scheme of things.

Ah well; can’t help that I suppose.

(It is sad when the world does not spin as we would hope. It certainly seems that way, at times. I seem to be spinning one way and the world the other.

Why, oh why is that so? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all agree? Wouldn’t it be nice to just ‘not worry’. Oh boy, that would be nice. Yes it would.

But, what good would it do if we all agreed? Yeah. What would get done, in the scheme of things? We’d all get pretty bored I’d think. Yeah. We’d all get pretty bored if we were all the same. Yeah.

However, I’d much rather that we all agreed, then to have soooo many opinions; so many insulting opinions. But yeah; it probably would get pretty darn boring, after a while.

Who would I talk to? What would I talk About Aging Backwards? What discussion could take place if I agreed with you, and you agreed with me?

Wow, wait a minute. What ‘would’ we talk About Aging Backwards if you agreed with me, and I agreed with you? Hey, that’s right. There’d be nothing to talk ‘bout except perhaps the weather; that’s always changing. So yeah, we could talk ‘bout the weather.

Yeah; probably would be boring if we all thought the same.)


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Frog  (Green Tree)

Green Tree Frog Courtesy: K. Compton

Hello young lovers wherever you are, I hope your troubles are few! All of my memories are with you tonight; I've had a love like you.

(A tendency to be sentimental.

Few of us 'remember' with 'clear' sight. We have a tendency to view the past with the expectations that we had in that present moment, rather than remembering the reality of what actually happened.

Yes, my friends, we see it as we wanted it to be, and not as it really was.

And why do we do this? We do this to save ourselves from the pain, embarrassment, or any number of disappointments of the reality of the experience.

I have found, over the past number of years, that seeing the reality of an experience (i.e., seeing it with objectivity, rather than sentimentality) allows the truth to be visible.  And 'truth', I have discovered, is a much easier condition to deal with rather than hiding from reality, or remembering experiences in a less than honest way.

After all, who are we fooling, if not only ourselves?)

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Komodo Dragon 

Courtesy: Wikipedia.orgI'm large, yes? I'm fierce, yes? I'm friendly, yes?

Yes? Yes? Yes?

And this is what the Komodo asks of you.

What are you? What do you want to do? What are your interests? Yes, it is all About Aging Backwards YOU.......

(Hurry, hurry, hurry I say, for the world is your oyster. Are you ready to eat? Are you ready to partake of all the flavours on offer? Would you say yes to taking a bull by its horns and throwing it as far as possible?

Yes, or no?

In order to prevent boredom from becoming a part of our lives we need to investigate all of those things that come across our path. They are there for a reason. They are not sitting in front of you in order for you to forego them. No, dear ones; they are there because they have something to offer to you.

This may be a conquest, or a learning, or excitement, love; a journey. Whatever its purpose you can be sure it will prevent you from becoming bored...)


Skink   (General)

Courtesy: Wikipedia.orgHurry along there. Why does everyone go so slow? Don't they realise, don't they know that time is everything; it's not just a show!

Life is for living. Life is for 'go'. Life is for ever; but only if you know that life is for living; giving everything a go!

(So what’s now; hey? What’s now? 

Don’t you mean; what’s new?

Nah; it’s easy to say what’s new…. Try saying ‘what’s now’ and see if you can come up with an answer.

Okay… I’ll give it a go.

What’s now….? Hmmmmm….. What’s now…..? Do you mean what is now to be? Or do you mean what is happening now? What’s now? Could you mean; what in the world is happening now? So many possibilities; I think you’ll have to enlighten me!

What’s now represents the here and now; does it not?

Yes, I guess that is so.

Precisely; and this is what the skink represents; the here and now.

What are you doing with the here and now? Are you making the most of your day? Are you pretending to be happy when in fact you are sad? Are you able to conceive of multiple ways in which to spend time doing things that you enjoy? These are some of the things that the skink represents; a little animal with such a big reflection. Is it not?)

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Snake   (General) 


What ya doin'? Time for a change.

Time to let everything go.

Time to begin again.

(How very beautiful are snakes!

Each species has a unique energy however, underneath this energy is a general energy that all snakes (all species) possess.

This energy is the energy of change. Yes, my friends, when we are attracted to the snake world we are being attracted to constant change within our lives; within our minds; within our attitudes; within our hobbies; within our circle of friends; within and within and within goes the energy of constant change. Upgrading; one may say, to higher and higher levels of consciousness.

When we are constantly changing there is a need for us to realise that ‘what we were’ before the change is ‘still with us’; still with us in the sense of ‘energy’; and, this energy needs to be released else it do us harm.

When we release old energies such as old attitudes; old patterns of behaviour; old friends, etc., etc., there comes a need to grieve.

Yes, even when the releasement is for the better there is still a time to grieve. We must allow grieving to occur else we suffer the pain of undiagnosed emotional hurt remaining within us.

Too many of us are burdened with the pain of old energies. They may be stuck in our tummies, our backs, our hearts and indeed, in many a nook and cranny.

Yes, my friends, we each harbour old energies within if we do not recognise that old energies linger, and need to be released.

Yes, constant change is what we shall experience when we are attracted to the snake world.

And, isn't 'life' constant change; if we allow it to be?

Life; constant change; life.

Are we going to allow ourselves to ‘love’ or ‘fear’ change?

Are we going to allow ourselves to release the old energies?

Are we going to ‘live’ life to its full?

These are some of the questions we may care to ask ourselves when we are attracted to the ever changing snake family.)

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

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