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Reflections of Edith, Elvis & Maurice




Edith Piaf   (The Sparrow)
Edith Piaf Columbia Posters - Since no non-free image of the poster exists having a low-resolution copy of the poster in the article is considered fair usageI was a child forsaken. I had no parents. They were cruel. They left me to my own devices. They tormented and abused me. The less said of them, the better.
My life was full of mistakes. It took a million mistakes before I realized that I had to change. My personality was very stubborn. I reached maturity at a very old age. Some would say that I never did. I am/was very critical of myself and of others. I didnít forgive and forget; more the point, I didnít forgive and I never did forget.
My personality was raw. I had no friends and not many acquaintances; I didnít want any and I didnít look for them.
Life was hard. Life was a battle. When you have a heart that is Ďcut offí from others it is very hard to form relationships. Not saying that I didnít have relationships; no, I had many a relationship however; I did not have any intimate relationships. No one would have been game enough to do that. I would be like the black widow spider and eat anyone who dared to come too close; including both sexes. I was not afraid of intimate relationships; I just didnít have need of them. I was enough on my own. In fact; I revelled in my own company. I had no need of someone to be with. They would want my company and I would not want theirs. That was the way it was. That was my life.
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Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley promoting Jailhouse Rock 1957What can be said About Aging Backwards a man whose life is on show for all to see? What indeed. There is much known About Aging Backwards this personable character who danced with life. Yes, my friends; he 'danced' with life. In other words, he didn't take life seriously. No, he didn't think that life was worth taking seriously, and this is one of the reasons for his demise. He thought that he could 'beat the odds'; that he did. He thought that he could 'get away' with taking life with a grain of salt; as the saying goes.
Woe betide anyone who does this. For those whose life mission is to become famous, a certain degree of this substance is required in order for them to perform the things that this experience decrees of them. That is right, my friends. For those whose lives are to be 'on show' there is a need not to take oneself too seriously; else doom and damnation take hold. However; there is also a degree to which this can become a problem; as indeed it became for this personality.
Too soon - This is chanted quite frequently when a personable character such as Elvis Presley leaves the physical body. Too soon indeed. Were it not for this nonchalant attitude, the saying 'too soon' would not be heard as frequently as it is. Yes, my friends; this can also be attributed to many of today's (and yesterday's) personalities who grace our entertainment world. Too soon; too soon.

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Maurice Chevalier

Maurice Chevalier - French Actor, Singer & Entertainer (18881972)Darn, darn and darn again. Why do you constantly repeat the same old things over and over again? 


(Yes, Maurice Chevalier was indeed an impatient being. He addressed this issue in a rather obstinate fashion. He would seem to be patient when, inside, he may have been fuming.


There was an air of inconsistency to his personality. He would loathe something one moment, and embrace it the next.


He was, at times, rather unsure of his footing, so to speak. Then came the moments when all of those traits would find their way into the background and he would become the epitome of love and all things good and kind. Yes, my friends, the personality of this well admired man would send many a friend running for cover. 


It would appear that this man also loved his friends to the degree of mothering them. His nature was as diverse as the ocean. He would hold those he loved within his mind as a teacher adoring his pupils.


Yes, this man also thought of himself as a wise teacher with the capacity of giving, known only to a few. He was indeed a very generous personality with a bent toward philosophising. He, indeed, had a clairvoyant ability known only to a few. He could ascertain the future success or otherwise of adventures and neatly and methodically plan his path. Indeed, he could do this for others. However; his all too direct manner was, at times, something that meant his all too good intentions went unnoticed; not due to their possible ineptitude. No; they were not accepted, as a rule, because of the abrupt manner in which he delivered them. 


It is wise to take note that this manís personality was indeed a huge one; full of promise and yet, without tact, much of his inner talent for understanding others, went unnoticed. A great shame because he had a great deal to offer in this arena.)

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