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What Do Your Favourite Flowers and Plants Say About Aging Backwards You?Picture Courtesy: Wikipedia /  Public Domain


Flowers reflect our behaviour. Which flower do you like, think About Aging Backwards, see often, feel a closeness to, have a kinship with? See if it is in our directory below.


Flowers (General)Fresh From The Garden - A Painting by Albert Lynch (1851 - 1912)

'Bout time someone thought of us…. You’ve been doing reflections for Dogs, Cats, Animals, Tortoises, well; maybe not Tortoises but you get our drift. Yes, we are feeling a ‘little put out’; wouldn’t you?

(No, seriously, this is not our energy; we are just joshing with you. In general, our energies are translucent and peaceful. That’s right; our energies are light and gay. We are pleased however, that you have been given the insight that it is now ‘our turn’ because we would not like for those who love us to ‘miss out’.

There are indeed many who love us; and rightly so. We brighten up many a day, many a birthday, many a celebration. Indeed, we are a thought away from any occasion.

We must, because of our inhibitions, tell you something About Aging Backwards ourselves that you may not know. We, simply put, are happy to be propagated and grown however; there is just one thing that does irk us so. And what, pray tell, is that? Well….. we want you all to know that we are full of a substance that, once taken, will never be the same again. And, pray tell, what is that? It is, our dear friends, an abundance of ……. Whatever you want it to be, my friend. That’s right. Whatever you want us to be; that is what we are. Do you not understand? Yes, no? We have been given a delightful energy that allows us to become a part of your day in a way that makes you cry, or laugh, or pray, or sing, or do whatsoever your little heart desires. Is this not true, dear friends? Do we not become whatever your little heart desires? Do we not become a thank you, a gift of gratitude, or a simple ‘how are you’? Is this not the substance and the energy that we have been given to portray? Indeed, dear friends; know this. Each and every thing on earth has been given an energy; an individual energy. There are not many things upon earth that have been given an energy such as the energy that has been given to us. No, dear friends. We have been exulted on high by being given the energy of ‘diversity’….. A truly humbling state of being, dear friends.)

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Baby's Breath


Photo Courtesy:

One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock, four. Five, six, seven o'clock, eight o'clock, more. I'm gonna rock around the clock tonight. Yeah man, that's me; just a rockin' and a rollin'.




Bird of Paradise

Courtesy: US Department of AgricultureYou bet; don't you want to know About Aging Backwards life?  Don't you want to know where it is all heading?

Don't you want to be everything that you can be?  If the answer to these questions is "Yes".........then, so be it.....


Bottle Brush   (Australian Native)


Hey you, what are you doing? Don't you know that you're going the wrong way?  Don't you know for every wrong turn there's another door?

Don't you know that once bitten, twice shy?  Don't you know, don't you know?  Don't you know that life is hard?

Don't you know that there's a cure?  Don't you know, don't you know?  Don't you know that for every falling star there's a meteor?

Don't you know that life, if allowed, will shine?  It will, if you allow.

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Carnation Flower Reflection  

A hop, step, and a jump; that's all it takes, and there you are somewhere other than where you were. Quite good; don't you think? Yes, Dear Ones, quite good.

Do you think of a 'time machine' when reading the above? Yes? No?

Indeed, Dear Hearts, we were not thinking of a time machine when we spoke these words. No, Dear Ones, no indeed. We were thinking of a reality, Dear Hearts. Yes, a reality bespeaking of you. That's right; a reality of thought, Dear Heart.

It doesn't take any imagination to jump in a time machine. No, indeed, it does not. However, it does require an imagination to jump from one reality of thought to another, indeed.

Does this make sense, dear one; to use the imagination to jump from reality to reality? (She who types does not believe we are making sense, indeed, Dear Heart. Is this not so?)

I 'am' having difficulty keeping up with you. So yes, it's not quite making sense to me.

However, dear one, be that as it may we shall continue with our story. Yes?

Yes, please do.

Yes, Dear Heart, we will continue.... Now we have lost our train of thought, so to speak. Oh yes, there it is!

To continue, Dear Hearts:

Thought requires imagination. Does it not? Indeed we hear you say; yes. Good, Dear Ones, we agree. To jump from one thought to another requires imagination. Yes, Dear Hearts, we agree. The Little One is, once again, lost. Are you not, Dear Heart?

Yes, you could say I'm a little lost. But please proceed:

Right, yes, Dear Heart, we will proceed.

Are you not now jumping from one thought to another, Dear Heart?

Yes, I am. However, this is happening because I'm typing, as well as trying to keep up with the train of thought you are putting forward.

And this is a difficulty for you, Dear Heart?

You might say that; yes.

We shall stop confusing you then, Dear Heart, and explain:

Thought requires imagination. Thought without imagination is no thing; it is a non thought. Can you have a non thought, Dear Heart? No, dear one, this is an impossibility. So what is it we are saying?

Thought, or imagination, is a reality. Indeed it is, Dear Heart. Are you now understanding, Dear Heart?

Yes, I believe I am. You are suggesting that thought is a reality.

Indeed, Dear Heart. For those who do not understand, we say:

You, your consciousness, is a reality. Indeed, you, Dear Heart, are a reality. A conscious reality. A reality made of thought.

You, in reality, do not have a body, Dear Heart, no. In reality, dear one, you are a consciousness; an ever living consciousness. Is this not so, Dear Heart? (We speak with our dear one, Carolyn.)

Yes, I believe this to be true. I am a consciousness. I am thought.

And how do you know this, Dear Heart?

I am that part of me that thinks. That part of me 'within' that I know to be real. I am that I am.

Indeed, Dear Heart, you are that which is unseen. Yes?


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Chamomile Tea  
Chamomile TeaWhilst ever there are pots, there will be flowers…!
Oh, how sweet the Chamomile flower. Oh, how precious its aroma. Oh, how soothing is its medicine. Oh, how grand this innocence.
(Yes, the Chamomile is indeed a wondrous plant; grown for health and prosperity, this plant has the ability to charm the harshest stomach. It will vaporize those unpleasantries within the gastric shelf. It will meander through the toughest digestive attack. It will prolong health for the trillions upon trillions of cells that live within. Oh, how humble and grand is the magic powder that can do no harm.
If ever there was a substance deserving of high award; this is it, my dear friends.
Partake of the Chamomile in your tea, in your scent, in your favourite room for; here dwell the mystery of its savour. It is pure,  and largely reminiscent of youth. Oh yes, dear friends; this little flower has a multitude of reasons behind its known abilities. Count them 1 through 100, dear hearts. Count them on your hands, your fingers, your toes, and you still won’t have the understanding inherent within their wondrous tones.)
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Conifers (General)
Conifer trees in Birch Mountain CaliforniaGreen; yes, we are green.
Those of us who love the plant genus ‘Conifer’ have a very special attachment to the land. Indeed we do. Those of us who love this plant have the innate ability to appreciate and understand the workings of the ‘natural order’.
It is because of this that we tend to want to be in the outdoors as much as possible. The ‘indoor’ life holds little interest for us. No; we prefer to be in the open air enjoying the delights of the country air. It is for this reason that we seldom are seen in the company of those; (let us say) ‘armchair lovers’. No, indeed we prefer those whose enjoyment tends to be derived out-side rather than in-side…)
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Daffodil / Jonquil

Courtesy: Wikipedia.orgA penny for your thoughts.....that's what we say.....

A penny for your thoughts.



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Courtesy: PD


Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon........The worlds' a nicer place in my beautiful balloon.......

But boy oh boy oh's not so beautiful down here.......



Photo Courtesy: Commons Attribution ShareAlike License/Author: ArnoldiusHello young lovers wherever you are; I hope your troubles are few.

All of my memories are with you to-night; I've had a love like you.

I know how it feels to have wings on your heels, and to fly down the street in a trance.

You fly down the street on the chance that you'll meet; and you meet, not really by chance.



A Public Domain Picture - Courtesy: bergstenWell, well, well, dear one; and what shall we say to you, this day? 

Shall we say; hello, and how are you? Or shall we say, goodbye?

No, dear one, we shall say neither one nor the other. We shall say; get on with life, dear one, and forget the infernal mental calculations that hold you tightly bound.

Indeed, dear heart. We do not mean to be mean. Oh no, dearest, this would never do. However, dear heart, we see the toll that it is taking. By this we mean:

We see the evidence in your manner. Yes we do, dearest. We see the evidence of constant thought as it winds its way around your forehead. Yes we do, dear heart. We see the etchings of constant thought upon your face. Indeed we do.

Do you not think it would be better not to be in constant thought, dearest? Do you believe you could be more calm? Yes? No?

Were you to have answered in the positive. Well done to you, dearest, for this is what we wish for you. Should you have answered in the negative, then this too is what shall be.

Ask, dear heart, that's right. Ask those of us who be by your side, dear heart. That's right. Ask those of us whose work is to grant your desire. That's right, dear one. Ask; and if you truly desire this with all your heart, with all your mind, then, and only then, shall you begin the journey. That's right, dear heart. You will begin the journey to calm. Hear what we say, dear heart. We say 'begin' your journey, that's right. This journey shall take all the desire you can muster. That's right. This journey will be your life saver, indeed it will. Ask, dear heart, and if you have commitment by your side you will succeed.

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Courtesy: Wikipedia.orgSee! I told you so! I said that if you do that you will have to suffer the consequences, and there they are!

I told you so!



Better not to have done it; don't you think? Better to have remained alone; don't you think? Better to close all the doors, windows and chimneys, and stay tucked away inside your room. Don't you think?


Are you saying no to all these alternatives?

Why? Why, when the consequences are so awful as to make you cry, wince, behave in an untimely way, would you say no?

Indeed, if you have a better way, then please proceed.

No; you do not have a better way! Then perhaps we can inform you. Yes, allow us to inform you of a better way. That's right. We can inform you of a better way to conduct yourself without unforseen consequences biting you in the back. Yes, we can. We will. Sometime in the near future. We will. Yes sir'ee.

Aha....  Has it happened? Have you realised your folly? Have you thought About Aging Backwards this condition and come up with your own answer? Good, then we will not waste our breath. That's right. We will not waste our breath because we know you have the answer. That's right. Is it not? Indeed, you have the answer. You only need apply that logic and you will not need to remain locked inside your room; for, you will take that maturity into your living. You will adhere to provenance in all things. Indeed you will, dear heart. For, we know, you prefer to be mature in all your comings and goings. Don't we, dear heart? Indeed we do.

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Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/GNU Free Documentation License/Photo by: Bill Waller taken in Tampa Every day in every way I count my blessings.

Every day in every way I allow my blessings.

Every day in every way I am my blessings.


Gerbera / Daisy  See Daisy

Jonquil   See Gerbera


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Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain/Lavender farm (Farm Tomita) at Kami-Furano in Hokkaido Birds in the sky; you know how I feel.  Birds flying high; you know how I feel. 

It's a new day, it's a new dawn, it's a new life for me.....!

Indeed, dear hearts, it's a new day, it's a new dawn; and this is what the Lavender represents, indeed. Those who love the lavender will agree, dear ones; they will agree to a new day having a new dawn, indeed.

Sounds confusing? Yes, to some these words will not convey the meaning in its true state. No, dear hearts, this is true. However, dear ones, for those who follow their heart; indeed, those who follow that which they know is true for them, shall appreciate the reflection shown within the warmth of the Lavender. For what is the Lavender? We shall tell you:

The Lavender is the blossoming of newness. Yes, indeed, dear hearts. The Lavender represents the coming of new ideas, new ways of being. Indeed, newness in all things.

'Tis true, dear hearts. Were you to be attracted to the beautiful Lavender you will no doubt enjoy the newness of thought that captures your interest; that sparks your curiosity, indeed.

We say to you, dear heart. Take on board the newness. Do not be afraid, dear one, it leads to where the heart is, indeed.

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Orchid   (General)

Courtesy: US Federal Government-Everglades National ParkWhat's up Doc? Don't get in my way...  I leave my scent wherever I go, and I want you to know that I have been there.....

Yes I do because that's the sort of man I am.


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Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/GNU Free Documentation LicenseWe want to say a thing or two, and yet we dare not!





Courtesy: Wikipedia.orgA rose by any other name would smell as sweet.......

I am a rose, no better and no worse than any other.


Snap Dragon

What sort of guy do you think I am? Go away; annoy someone else!


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Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket; never let it fade away. Catch a falling star and put it in you pocket; save it for a rainy day.

Save it for a rainy day..................... 

It will come; have patience and let it come in its own good time.....!


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Venus Flytrap

Photo Courtesy:

What's it all About Aging Backwards Alfie? Is it just for the moment we live? What's it all About Aging Backwards, when you sort it out, Alfie?

Are we meant to take more than we give? Or are we meant to be kind?


Water Lily

Courtesy: Wikipedia.orgWell, well, well; nasty wasn't it!?  Didn't know it was going to effect as much as it did

Better to know now, than before it's too late.....!


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