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Dogs reflect our behaviour. Which dog do you like, think About Aging Backwards, see often, feel a closeness to, have a kinship with? See if it is in our directory. If not, feel free to 'make a request'.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  

Copyright:  eleana /

I’m a soppy little dog in need of love. Please look at me, please do.

Don’t send me away, for I have nothing to do. Boo Hoo.

I’d dearly love to do something with you. I’d love to do something with you.

(Won’t you come and play with me? Won’t you come, please do. I’d love to spend some time with you; I certainly would, this is true.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel personality needs company; this is true. He/she when left alone frets, more often than not. This is a part of a personality that delights in having true companionship.

And, what is meant by ‘true companionship’?

What is meant by this is the fact that there are some personalities that require ‘alone’ time; and there are those who enjoy themselves more when they are conversing with others. And this is true for Cavalier King Charles personality. They need the company and conversation that only being in the company of others can bring.

However, unfortunately for this personality type, they can be a little quick to choose their company. Being in such need necessitates that they ‘put to one side’ those feelings that may otherwise prove to be their dearest friend. Those friends being; discernment, understanding, wisdom, compatibility, and on and on and on; you get the drift.

Yes, being in need can place this personality in danger, and we would not want our friend the Cavalier King Charles personality to come ‘unstuck’ by not having his/her wits About Aging Backwards them.)

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Chihuahua  (Long Haired)

Copyright:  lenetstan /




(Well my dear friend; the long haired Chihuahua, indeed. What shall we tell you About Aging Backwards the Long Haired Chihuahua personality? We can tell you many things. However, in order to do this we must have a premise upon which to begin… That’s right; every story needs a premise upon which to begin.

This is a part of the personality of the Long Haired Chihuahua, indeed.

Without a premise where would we be? That’s right; we would be ‘up the creek without a paddle’, as the saying goes. And why would we be ‘up the creek without a paddle’?

Well, dear ones, we would be ‘up the creek without a paddle’, for, as the best of us know; a paddle is needed to steer the boat; is it not. Indeed, it is.

So, we have established that we need a paddle to steer the boat; without which we would be meandering from side to side; over and under, etc., etc.; you get my drift..!

Right; now that we have established that we need a paddle we must look at our behaviour. Do we ‘have a paddle’? Yes. This is good; to have a paddle is very good. No. Well, not to have a paddle means that you will be meandering, etc., etc.

Well my dear friends. It would seem that the Long Haired Chihuahua personality needs to ensure that they ‘have a premise upon which to steer their life’. Without a premise we do not have a basis upon which to work. No; dear friends. We must allow all of our happenings to be based on a sound basis. Built up from a strong foundation, all will be well.)

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Chihuahua (Short Haired)

Copyright:  Sergey_Lavrentev /




(As if we don’t have enough to do…!!! What a hide they have asking me for this and for that. Rude… Just rude…..! Oh, ….. take a breath…. There’s no point losing my marbles over this. No, it’s just not worth it…. But, but, boy if I had my way I rip into them with such ferocity they wouldn’t be sitting down for weeks.      !###!!%###@!!!#!........  Ahhhhhhh, that feels better.

And this is ‘exactly’ what the Short Haired Chihuahua personality needs to do when life’s ‘little’ moments intrude. Yes, this is precisely what is needed to ‘soothe the savage beast’…. A little resolve is good, indeed t’is true. A little resolve to do that which is good for you.

And what is ‘good for you’? That’s right. What is good for you is to allow those energies of disturbance to make their exit. That’s right. We do not want all of those disturbing energies inside your body where they can do their destructive best to annihilate all good. That’s right. That is what those destructive energies will do; they will annihilate all of the ‘good’ within.

And what do we mean by ‘all of the good’. What is meant here, dear friend, is that inside we are a complexity of varies chemicals, indeed. If, we say, if we allow the energies of anger, frustration, hurt, indeed pain of any type, they will erode away at the very core of the minute structures within. This causes illness, dear one, indeed. And illness is something which we do not want to see within.

Therefore, dear friend, we ask that you allow all of those energies (that are not to your highest good) be released in the form that is best suited to your personality. That’s right. Let them out by any means within your grasp.

Only, dear friend, please do try to remember that your neighbours may bear a grudge toward you should you not remember to place that cushion over your mouth as you scream away all of your woes. Very good, my dear friend. Now you know ‘how’ to allow those damaging energies to leave you alone. I am certain that you will find many other avenues (less neighbour infringing avenues) to enable your mind, body and spirit to recover from life’s little woes…..)

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Chow Chow

The famous Chow Chow, indeed.

We say 'famous' dear hearts, as this breed is as welcoming as a summer breeze. Indeed, this breed will delight you in a multitude of ways.

Why? We shall tell you:

The Chow Chow has depth, dear hearts. Yes, the Chow Chow has depth of vision, depth of love, depth of personality. This it surely does.

Why? We shall tell you, dear friends.

The Chow Chow personality is one which is all encompassing. This it is, dear ones, indeed. And what do we mean by all encompassing? We mean, dear hearts, this personality will delight itself.

"Oh," you say." Delight itself?"

Yes, indeed, dear hearts; this personality delights within itself.

Surprised? Yes? Indeed, some be surprised, and others understand. Yes indeed they do. Those who appreciate the personality of this famous breed, understand their nature. Yes indeed they do.

Will you not join with us in this understanding? Will you allow yourself to take the chance to reveal the delights within yourself. Indeed, dear friends, for this is what the Chow Chow represents, indeed.

The Chow Chow represents those things within; the delights within, you understand, dear ones.

Yes, the Chow Chow is a representation of delight, indeed.

Cocker Spaniel (General)

Copyright: cynoclub /

Pant…Pant…Pant…Pant    Pant…Pant…Pant…Pant    And then he said………

Pant…Pant…Pant…Pant    Pant…Pant…Pant…Pant. 

(You guessed it; they can talk your ear off and then head straight for the rest of you....!

We don't mean to sound rude however; the Cocker Family are gooooood talkers. What we mean to say is this: Cocker Spaniel personalities (in general) will be able to hold a very good and a very lengthy conversation with just About Aging Backwards anyone. They have the uncanny ability to strike up a conversation About Aging Backwards one thing, and that one thing can be the beginning of a story that may take quite some time to complete; if you know what we mean...!

Don't be afraid of this though; for the Cocker Spaniel personality does not mean any harm; they, for the most part, are wholesome and good personalities that enjoy conversing. Simple enough; don't you think? Yes, the Cocker Spaniel personality, although at times verbose, are a pleasant animal, so to speak.)

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Cocker Spaniel (English)

Copyright: CreativeMedia /

How was your breakfast?

Pant, pant, pant, pant, pant, pant and pant.

We’ve done remarkably well this year, one would think.

(The English Cocker Spaniel personality is somewhat serious by nature; it has an elegant yet down to earth temperament.

Those of us who are attracted to the English Cocker are geared to a more serious life; one that asks that we be constant in our attitudes.

It is only by being constant that we can maintain the seriousness of the time. Without consistency we lose the thought process needed to do as we need to do.

And so it is when we are attracted to the English Cocker Spaniel; we are being asked to maintain a serious and constant attitude.)

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Copyright:  Eric_Isselee /

Well, seriously now. To begin…..Where to begin…..?

Is there a beginning…..?

Is there an end…..?

To have an end one must begin…

But when…..?

All of my memories are with you to-night; I’ve had a love like you.

There are some very beautiful songs, to be sure. This song is for you, dear friend. I hope that your troubles are few…

At times, it seems as though our troubles weigh us down; do they not? Indeed; sometimes they do. However, there is always a rainbow after a storm. We must remember this as we travel life’s highways. There is always a rainbow.

You are a deep thinker my friend. This is not always a good thing, to be sure. To think deeply is certainly an art however; we do not want to get stuck in our thinking for, if we do, it can sometimes ‘bog us down’.

Our wish for you, dear friend; is that you will discover, throughout your journey of life, the means to think deeply ‘without’ bogging down. Yes, this is our hope for you, dear friend; to continue the wonderful art of deep thinking; yet without getting stuck. This we leave with you, dear friend, to ponder; not too deeply….!)

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Doberman Pinscher

Copyright:  Marina_Jay /

I'm bruised. I'm really quite sad!

(I’m bruised, yes this is true. And why am I bruised…? I really don’t know; perhaps because I tend to be a little nervous, at times. Perhaps because I’m really afraid to be ‘me’. Yes, perhaps these are very good reasons, indeed.

Does this mean that I don’t enjoy life? No it doesn’t. Does this mean that I can be cruel? Well, yes, sometimes. Does this mean that I lack passion? No; I can certainly conjure up passion and interest in life… No, I’m just a little sad sometimes. Melancholy, you know. I’m sometimes melancholy and I don’t know why I’m sad; I just am.

Some of us are born with a disposition for this. Some of us ‘feel’ more than others. Some of us have ‘deeper’ thoughts. And this is true of the Doberman Pinscher personality. They, the Doberman Pinscher types, oftentimes go ‘too’ deeply into life. By that is meant; they ‘see’ more in life than most.

 They have the ability to go extra deeply into all things whether that be the idiosyncrasies of personality, or the bread making procedures of their current brand of choice. This attitude, of going ‘deeply’, runs right throughout their every moment. At work they are constantly assessing their prowess. Are they ‘good enough’? Probably not. For the Doberman Pinscher personality sees the cup ‘half empty’; never full. This is of course a fault in the personality; one which will always be the bane of their existence. One can advise this personality that their cup is indeed full. However, such is the personality of this type; they will never quite see their cup as being full.

A great shame because many of their cups are indeed ‘brimming over’.)

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Dog Family (General)         

Copyright:  petrjilek /                                  

Ever true. Faithful. Loving. Loveable.  A true servant;  humble and willing.

This is true for the dog family, however; are you going a little too far with your love?

Do you think that your love is being abused?

Could you be over indulging your loved ones?

These questions need your concern at this moment in time.

We ask that you investigate 'how much' you are giving to others, and see if perhaps, just perhaps, you  are giving too much!

(We can do this in life at times; give too much. We can overburden ourselves with the idea of giving away all of our love, all of our care. Do we not? Yes, indeed we do, at times.

We do not want to see you giving all of you away. No; that would not be a good thing, t’is true. For, when we give ourselves away; what do we have left? You need not answer this question however; you do need to answer this one.

How much do you think we should give to others and how much do you think we should keep for ourselves?

Now, if you answered 50/50 you would be wrong, my dear friend. No, we need to keep 90% to ourselves. That’s right; 90% must remain with us. Does this surprise? Yes? Good, we thought it may surprise. We'll tell you why it is best to keep 90% to yourself. Yes? Yes, good. We shall tell you why you need to keep 90% for yourself and give only 10% away.

You need all of your care, dear friend; do you not? No? Are you saying that you do not need 90% for yourself? Well, if you think that, my dear friend, you shall not have 90% for yourself. And, if you do not save 90% of yourself for yourself, you will be doing yourself an injustice.

Think upon this for awhile. Look About Aging Backwards you at those who lavish attention upon themselves. Now look About Aging Backwards at those whose attention is primarily on themselves and 10% on others. Do they look happy to you, dear friend? Yes? No?

Keep this in mind as you go through your days. Be aware of those whose self attention is greater or lesser. Give this some time before you reach your conclusion. We would be most happy to hear the results, dear friend.)




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