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What Do Your Favourite Countries and Cities Reflect About Aging Backwards You?

The places that we love and/or are attracted to reflect our behaviour. Which country or city do you like, think About Aging Backwards, see often, feel a closeness to, have a kinship with?  See if it is in our directory below.





What can we tell you About Aging Backwards this grand country?

It is wide, it is grand, and it is down the bottom of the world near Antarctica.

It is full of promise; it is full of love, joy and all things good.

It is also vast in its extremities. By this we mean that it has the potential to create many things that could benefit mankind. And, what is meant by this? What is meant, dear friends, is that in this land (that is evolutionarily very young) lies an imagination that has not as yet been tapped. What is meant by this is that although this young country has attained a world-wide status of importance, it is still a fledgling when it comes to stamping its ‘home-grown’ attitude upon the rest of the world. And what is this home-grown attitude? We’ll tell you. This home-grown attitude is one of recklessness. Yes, recklessness. It is reckless in that it does not understand its own importance. That’s right. The people of this country do not have an appreciation of themselves. By this is meant; they do not appreciate their capacity for all things. That’s right; they do not appreciate their capacity for bringing many aspects of man to the forefront. In this lies a degree of recklessness; a degree of recklessness that by its own failure will bring About Aging Backwards the many countless opportunities that lie ahead. We shall pave the way by saying: Grey Kanga - Picture Courtesy: K Compton

This small nation will bring forward many opportunities for the peoples of the world. It will indeed be held on high for its contribution to the world in the areas of health; financial control, humanitarian undertakings (mainly due to its isolation from the rest of the world). This will become apparent over the next decade.

Watch this country as it becomes more and more a major force in the world of politics, with many world leaders taking heed of the fortunes that will become evident over that period of time.

We herald a new culture forcing its way into the minds of many; a culture that will be welcoming and abundant in its fortunes.

June 2012


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Baltimore City U.S.A.

Whatever you want it to be; that is what it is. We have journeyed far and wide and never have we seen the likes of Baltimore City anywhere else in the world; no, it is a once in a lifetime event. When combing the streets of Baltimore, a nuance of adventure awaits the traveller. This city will delight you with its entourage of nightlife; of entertainment; of gaiety, of quality; of ambience that only a city renowned for its effortless ability to captivate and sustain, can bring to the table of excellence.


When you leave this beautiful city you will know that you have been treated to the delights so famous for pleasure; you will know that one visit cannot surely be enough.


And so it is that we leave this beautiful city; captivated and enthralled.


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Flag of Belgium

Oh wonderful, wonderful, Copenhagen…… 

No, we are just kidding. However, this is not far from the truth. Were a song to be sung in regard to Belgium this could possible be its beginning;

Wonderful, wonderful Belgium.

Not lost; no it is not lost to the views of those whose love of beautiful scenery invade the heart.

It is not lost to those whose hearts tend toward the love of music, art, indeed ‘the arts’.

No, dear friends, here you will find delights to evoke magic.

Here you will indeed find a myriad of personalities of thought and make-up. For here, in this wonderful environment, can be found a multitude of thinkers, a multitude of characters. So many in fact, that it would seem that this country is made up of various countries within one. Indeed, there is not a Belgium personality, so to speak. No, here will be found many upon many variances of thought; many variances of dress; many variances of ownership.

To visit Belgium is to visit many countries all rolled up into one. And this is its personality; that of variance.

Enjoy the variety, dear friends.


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Cannes, France



Cannes, France - Picture Courtesy Wikipedia User: Bochenek
'Twould be a wonderful thing were all of the cities of the world so famous.
'Twould be a wonderful thing were all to be so gay.
We would hope that, one day, the whole world will think upon itself as do the people of Cannes. They exhibit a friendliness known only to those who visit.
We would hope that, one day, the whole worldly population will evidence as much self respect for their city as do the people of Cannes. They, like many in the world, honour their city with an expectation of delight; indeed they do. Not only do they exhibit a desire for self respect, they also put this delightful quality into practice.
Yes, my friends, visiting this exquisite city you will note the freshness of its scope, the quality of cleanliness in its surrounds; its enviable service to travellers; its genuine approach to enjoyment.
Time spent in this magnificent city will have you watering for more…
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San Diego, Ca, USA

San Diego Docks at Night 

What can be said About Aging Backwards this famous city? What indeed, dear friends. A multitude of happenings within this city will lead to adventure and fun.

No doubt, this will come as a surprise for some however; we would like for you all to know that this was not how it was originally intended. No, dear friends. San Diego was host to a multitude of ‘other’ happenings in its beginnings. It was given the fame and fortune that it has acquired today because of the influx of peoples who, by their sheer will and talent, allowed a city of magnificent proportions to appear.

It was this foresight of a few that saved the city and gained it the reputation of today. Not due to providence. No, dear friends; not due to providence was this city’s beginnings. No, this city’s beginnings were framed in misconceptions and lies. Oh yes, dear friends; investigate its history and all will be revealed. However, be that as it may today this city can boast a multitude of graces from its famed attractions to its famous inhabitants. Yes dear friends, you would do well to visit and enjoy the delights of this city. Whilst doing so remember its beginning, and you will be even more impressed.

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Toronto, Canada


Toronto at Dusk


Well, well, well, so you want to know all About Aging Backwards the personality of Toronto…!!!  We’ll tell you all About Aging Backwards it.


Diversity is its name; diversity is its game. There are many kinds of towns and cities throughout the world that can boast of this particular energy; the energy of ‘diversity’. However, for a multitude of reasons this (unlike many towns and cities around the world) would be a stone’s throw for the multitude of beings that inhabit the city, like unto paths that lead to a multitude of happenings.


Yes, my friends; the energy that can be found here is multi-faceted, so to speak. How can one speak upon a subject so expanding and contracted as Toronto? Contracted, we hear you say! Oh yes, dear friends; is this not also a facet of diversity? Indeed, there are many contracted arenas playing host to the multitude within Toronto. Time has indeed ‘stopped’ in many quaint boroughs planted here and there amidst the ruins of times past. Oh yes, dear friends, there is plenty for the eye to see, and the mind to encounter.


The overwhelming energy of Toronto stems from this diversity. Once you have tasted the delights, the history, the evangelical aspect of mind to be found within Toronto, you will seek this diversity within your travels forever. Alas, this will not be found anywhere else in the world. Only Toronto has been given this gift.



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Wichita, Kansas USA

 Wichita, Kansas, USA

Once upon a time there was a city. This city was lonely; it was in need of company. And so, what did this little town do? We shall tell you, dear friends. This little town decided to attract people by way of it’s ordinarily outrages scope of things to do. This it did. It decided to make itself attractive by way of making itself extraordinarily attractive. And, how did it achieve this? The Keeper of the Plains in Wichita, Kansas USA

This little town achieved this success by being innovative. It is today a city that is noted for its innovations which have proven, over time, to be so different from its neighbours that it is today a city marked by one or two attractions not seen elsewhere. It is this inventiveness that spurs on the inhabitants to be even more innovative within their own lives.

They can be seen doing miraculous things with their surroundings. Certainly a city marked by the innovations of surprise.

You will be pleased that you have taken the time to investigate this city for yourself. You will be surprised, amused and ready to ‘take on board’ some of the surprises to be found in this remarkable city.

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