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Cats - What Do Your Favourite Cats Say About Aging Backwards You

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Cats reflect our behaviour. Which cat do you like, think About Aging Backwards, see often, feel a closeness to, have a kinship with? See if it is in our directory. If not; you may like to request a particular breed in order to see what they are 'currently' showing to you.


The many and interesting ways of the Feline Family.

Yes, dear ones, cats also mimic man in all his splendour.

 As with the dog family, the feline families also mimic man. We see this in everyday life with our brothers and sisters of the world.

They preen themselves; recline upon sofas, and lick their wounds often. Do they not? Indeed dear ones; felines lick their wounds often, as do man; the natural way of healing.

Yes dear ones, cats offer much healing for those who embrace their feline characters. Do they not? Indeed they do.

 Just ask those who favour the feline families and they will confirm the very honest and open qualities of healing which the feline has to offer. Not just a pretty face. No; much, much more to this glorious little creature.

Much love, much delight, much honesty. For the feline is a fussy little creature. Fond of some, not of others. He knows, indeed, those who deserve their attention.

And so it is with great pleasure that we offer a snapshot, yes only a snapshot of the energies which the feline families have to give to those who allow their beauteous qualities into their lives.            

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