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What Do Your Favourite Birds Reflect About Aging Backwards You?Photo Courtesy: Wikipepedia  (Elaine R Wilson) Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 License


Birds reflect our behaviour. Which bird do you like, think About Aging Backwards, see often, feel a closeness to, have a kinship with?  See if it is in our directory below.


Birds  (General)  

Indeed, we be birds. And what are birds? Birds are wonderful creatures blessed with the ability to move freely; an ability that many would like to emulate.

(Do we think that man is limited? Yes, indeed we do. Do we wish that we could help him? No, we do not. And why do we not wish to help him? We do not wish to help him; for, if we did, he would most certainly try to constrain us, limit us, pursue us, defame us, murder us; the list goes on and on. Does it not? Once man conquers; he ruins. Tough to say; however, this is true. Man torments, abuses, insults, etc., etc., all good. This he does, and has done always. Why, then oh why, would we want to be controlled by him? No, we shall stay away from man and his sources of destruction.

Many offer asylum and sanctuary; this is so. There are many who offer friendship and love. However, the scales are most certainly tipped in favour of men who do not care to protect, cherish and keep us safe and well.


And so it is that when we find ourselves attracted to the Birds of the world we may care to ask of ourselves a number of questions.

Are we content to sit by and allow the atrocities of life to prevail within our own lives? Do we feel protected from the torments of life? Are we a part of the population who trust, cherish and adore those of a weaker appearance? Are we measured by the love that we engender within those spheres?

Yes, those flying creatures create a dichotomy for those of us who adore them. Let us look deep within to find where we stand.)

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Bald Eagle  (Listen while you read)

What can we tell you About Aging Backwards the personality of those who enjoy this creature? We can tell you there is a need to investigate those nooks and crannies within, dear ones; indeed, this is what we can tell you.

Why? We shall tell you:

This marvellous creature has the ability to turn night into day. Surely it can.

Surprised? Yes, we thought this may surprise.

And what do we mean by this?

We mean, dear heart; this marvellous ability is not given to many. No sir'ee, it is not. And yet, dear ones, those who have this ability think little of it, indeed. Were it not for some thoughtful concentration, so to speak, this ability may go unheeded.

Do you get our drift, dear heart?


Those who enjoy this ability do not garner the strength required to find those nooks and crannies harbouring this magnificent ability (along with many abilities this marvellous personality has to offer).

Oh no, dear ones; it is not only negatives we harbour in the nooks and crannies within. No, dear hearts, this is certainly not the case. There are many potential positives, so to speak, lurking within, indeed.

Won't you allow the beauteous qualities to present themselves, dear ones? Indeed we say to all who hold this creature on high:

Seek the truth within, dear heart. Seek those beauteous qualities within yourself, and they shall be found, indeed.


Bird of Paradise (General)

Bird of ParadiseWhat can we tell you About Aging Backwards the most beautiful Bird of Paradise personality? We can tell you that it all began many years ago. And what began many years ago? What began, dear ones, was an overwhelming urge to 'do' something. That is right, dear friends. This personality type enjoys 'doing'. It is not enough to enjoy life, no, dear friends; this personality type must be doing, else it becomes uncomfortable. This is does. It becomes uncomfortable because of its innate drive to do.

There are many of this nature. Unlike most they have a sincerity of motivation. That is to say; they 'enjoy' the 'doing'. They revel in the doing. They are comfortable in the doing. They need the 'doing' to be at their best. And, when they are not 'doing', they feel uncomfortable and inadequate. This is so, dear friends. They require a certain amount of 'doing' to be at their best. Indeed they do. To take this away from them means that their 'inner' world tumbles down. Yes, dear friends, it tumbles down. And what happens to this personality when the doing is stopped and they tumble down? Just that; they, their inner world also tumbles down leaving them weak and exhausted.

Weak and exhausted, you say?

Yes, weak and exhausted. You see, it is the 'doing' that maintains them. It is the 'doing' that gives them energy. It is the 'doing' that holds them on high. Oh yes, my friends, there are those amongst us who must be 'doing', else they tumble down.

Are you one such personality? Do you need to be doing else you tumble down? Yes? No? Look deep inside and you will know, dear friend. Yes, look deep inside where knowing is, and you will know if you can be counted as one who 'tumbles down' if not 'doing'.

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Blue Jay

Ok, wise guy; who put the bi-carb in the water?


The Blue Jay personality is a trickster.

Yes indeed; a trickster who loves to play pranks on unsuspecting victims.

Oh yes, we have your measure; you Blue Jay lovers.

Oh yes, we know how much fun you have at other’s expense. Oh, yes we do.

We are not saying you are a ‘devil may care’ type of fellow. No, that is not what we are saying.

We are not saying you enjoy seeing others embarrassed. No, that is not what we are saying.

What we are saying, dear friend; is that you encourage good hearted repartee with those who are not as quick thinking as yourself. Yes, this is what we are saying.

You revel in the energy you find in-between the serious and the frivolous. Oh yes, dear friend. You find a placement in which to squeeze your temperament.

And where is that?

You know where it is, dear friend. It is in the hollow between bored and boring. Is it not?



Brush Turkey

Picture Credit: Wikipedia Author - License: CCBYSA3Well, hello, hello, hello..... How are ya? How ya doing? You might say we have a knack for knowing what to say.

Yeah. We're pretty good at that.

(When in the company of a Brush Turkey type, you will feel 'at ease'.

And, why will you feel 'at ease'?

That's easy to answer.

You will feel 'at ease' because the Brush Turkey personality is an 'easy' personality to like and admire.

And, why is the Brush Turkey personality easy to like and admire? We'll tell you.

The Brush Turkey personality has a way with words. Indeed, this is true.

The Brush Turkey personality not only has a way with words, he/she has the uncanny ability to 'know' which words to use at any given moment in time.

We all know a Brush Turkey personality. They, the Brush Turkey personality, can be seen in all walks of life, to be sure.

They can be seen digging trenches, or scaling tall buildings in a single bound. That's right.

They can scale tall buildings in a single bound, for; most Brush Turkey personalities are 'larger than life'.

They are 'larger than life' because their vocabulary allow them to scale any object, any mountainous region in which they find troubled water.

Indeed, this is also a magnificent trait to be found in the Brush Turkey personality. They not only have an uncanny ability to know what to say; they say it with ease, generosity of spirit, and joy.

Indeed. To know a Brush Turkey personality is to know sincerity.)

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Budgerigar (common pet Parakeet)

Budgerigar Image Courtesy User: Mikescottwood11 - Wikipedia Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeHungry, I’m hungry; give me something to eat…. I’m hungry….

(I hunger for lots of things; usually those things that I can’t have! Ahhh well, that’s life, I guess.

It’s up to us to make a stand though. If I don’t who will?

Seems that so much passes us by in the hope of becoming enthused. But no; it just passes on by.

My luck is running out, you know. Yeah, I just can’t keep hoping that all things will go well; and you know what…. No, they just don’t. I try and try and try to make things happen… heaven knows I do. And yet, there they sit; all of my good intentions, just sitting there… All of my good planning somehow just goes down the drain… Oh well; it’s not for the sake of trying now, is it?

Well my friends, it would seem that the Budgerigar personality is one that tries so very hard to make progress, to make things happen.

Perhaps, if one was to consider the importance of allowing others ‘time’ to catch up with ‘progress’, there would not be the added frustration associated with ‘change’ that seems to be the case for the Budgerigar personality.

Yes, perhaps if the Budgerigar personality agreed to allow ‘time’ to be its friend, and not its foe; all would be well for the clever, progress enabling Budgerigar personality to 'take wing', and not feel overwhelmed by the delays of the ‘slower’ thinking types.)

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Butcherbird (General)

ButcherBird (Grey) Picture Courtesy: Wikipedia User: Snowmanradio Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 GenericButcherbird (Pied) Picture Courtesy: Wikipedia User: Quartl Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0Butcherbird (Black) Picture Courtesy:Wikipedia User: Kjaergaard - Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

We have a lot to say and agree with you having a lot to say. However; we would ask that you be succinct please; for we are in a hurry.

(Wait a minute, won't you; if you continue to rush like this we'll never get things done.

The Butcherbird personality is so pent up, I almost feel like I'm bursting. This is a very uncomfortable reflection for me to do because I have suddenly become very tense (particularly around my shoulders) and I feel that I have to hurry. I ask that this energy be released...... Wow; that was awful...............

Okay, back to the reflection. I feel as though I have to 'get it right'. I feel as though I have to 'do it all NOW'. I feel compelled to understand everything and yet, I can't. This feeling is making me feel inadequate. I just can't get it right. I just can't do anything right. I just can't; I just can't. Everything I try to do; well, it just doesn't work out the way that I'd hoped. I am just not 'good enough'.

Oh so many of us feel that way; do we not? Indeed we do. We try to force outcomes. We try to force our education. We try to force learning new things like games, or sport, or even typing. Yes, we can place an enormous load on our shoulders through our own expectations. These 'expectations' are generally way to high to succeed. Perhaps, for those of us who suffer this 'self-punishment' we can say: Go a little more easily my friend. Rome was not built in a day; indeed, Rome still continues to grow. Life is a never ending commitment to honour ourselves. Is that what you are achieving? Are you achieving a life of honouring yourself? Or are you punishing yourself over and over again?)

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Tell me you love me, go on; tell me you love me....

(The Cassowary is a bird; a flightless bird. It longs to fly. It longs to be able to spread its wings and fly. However, this is an impossibility for this creature. It will not fly now, or in the future.

Why? Why will it not fly?

It will not fly because it lacks an important ingredient.

And, what is that important ingredient?

That important ingredient it needs to fly is self-love. Yes, my friends. This wonderful creature lacks self-love.

And, why does it lack self-love?

It lacks self-love due to a misconception. You see, the Cassowary often thinks it needs to be more than it is. Yes, that's right, my friends. The Cassowary does not think itself good enough. Yes, sad but true. The Cassowary fails to appreciate itself.

Is this not sad, my friends? Is this not sad to think that something so unique, so unusual could think less of itself..?! And yet, this is what it does. It does not see its self in the true light of day. It does not appreciate how wonderful it is. It does not appreciate its own essence.

Won't you join with me in hoping for the best for our friend the Cassowary. Let us hope that one day he/she will see themselves for what they are, and not for what they want to be.)

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Chicken Picture Courtesy: US Dept of AgricultureEnter a world of wonder and light. Enter a world where it is so bright. Surprise, Surprise; you wonder at this. Oh yes, in reality; life is bliss.

 (Come with me on a journey of wonder. That’s what it is. Come with me on a journey of love. That’s what it is. Come with me on a journey of light. That’s what it is. Come with me on a journey of surrender. That’s what it is. And what is it that we are talking About Aging Backwards? Life, my friend, life.

We are all subject to life; are we not? Yes? “Yes”, I hear you say. Good; we all understand that we are all subject to life. And, what is life? Life, my friend, is what we shall have when we surrender. Yes, that is right. Life is what we shall have when we surrender to all those things, inside, that make us not surrender. Do you get the drift? No? Well, to get it, you have to surrender.

To explain: To surrender to life means to allow life to have its way. And what is life? Life, my friend, is what you shall have when you surrender. Now you are beginning to get the drift; are you not? Yes, indeed, I believe that you are beginning to get the drift.

Life, wants you to see it. Sounds funny; however, true. Life, wants to be available to you however, until you see it, it cannot be. Once again, dear friend, we are losing you, are we not? Indeed.

Life, wants you to see it. Now, what does this mean?

Life has it in its power to do many things; does it not? Ahhhhh, we hear you say. Now you are beginning to see what we mean.

Until you appreciate that life is always there knocking on your door, you won’t be able to see it; will you not? And, until you allow yourself to see it; you will be confined to the limited aspects of life….  Dull, dull, dull, my friend.

We want you to see life. We want you to take that bull by its horns and allow life to show to you all of those things for which you yearn. Indeed, this we do.

And so, dear friends; now you understand the reflection of the mighty chicken; a little foul full of heart and love and mischief and wonder; are they not?)

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Crested Pigeon/Lion

Whilst receiving this reflection, I was given the understanding that the Lion in the Animal Kingdom, and the Crested Pigeon in the Bird Kingdom represent the same energy; hence, a sameness in their reflection.


Yes, dear heart, all kingdoms bear similarities, as you've said. Indeed, the birds of the air, and the beasts of the plains bear similarities, indeed. One likened to the other, dear hearts. A parallel of energies, you understand. Yes, even the flowers and the trees have their counterpart within the other kingdoms. This is why, dear ones, you will find a sameness of reflection within all species. One such sameness is the Malamute of the Dog Family and the Shetland Pony of the Horse Family, indeed. Read on, dear ones, to receive further understanding of the Lion and the Wood Pigeon.


Crested Pigeon/Lion

What's in a name; a rose by any other would smell as sweet. Is it not what you would like, dear heart, to hear your name spoken tenderly, with love?

We all need love, indeed we do. We all need love, and are forsaken when love is withheld.

There be many and varied ways in which love is withheld. Are there not?

Love can be withheld when we refuse to love openly; when we close our hearts and our minds to the realities of love.

Love, withheld, can be excruciatingly painful. Not only is it not felt by those who would give, but also by those who know of love withheld. Oh yes, my friends, those for whom our love is withheld know of this happenstance. That is right, my friends. They, those for whom we withhold love, know. Indeed, this is true, dear friends. They know, and they feel the love 'being' withheld.

This may give a clue to those who withhold their love:

Do you not feel separated from those for whom you withhold love? Yes? No?

We know that as you think upon this, you will begin to understand, dear ones. Yes, you shall understand many things when you take within this understanding of withheld love.

We hope to hear from you, dear hearts. Yes, we would enjoy hearing/reading your experiences.

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Dove (General) Reflection

Dove Courtesy: Wikipedia Public Domain PictureInteresting, is it not; we have two birds similar yet, surprisingly different, indeed.

(The Dove is a little Pigeon, indeed it is; in the main it is a little Pigeon. There are exceptions to every rule; however, for this purpose (our reflection) we shall see the Dove as being a smaller version of the larger Pigeon.

So similar are these two energies. Similar, and yet each has a very distinct distinction. And what are they; the difference? The difference lies in their genetic make-up. One is able to soar to great heights. Indeed this is true. One prefers to stay a little lower; closer to the ground. It is a marked difference for those who appreciate the subtle difference. The Pigeon prefers to be ‘up in the clouds’; so to speak. The Dove prefers to be more cosy; closer to the ground. A minor difference, and yet we must see it for what it really means for those of us who are attracted to these beautiful birds. Are we to be ‘up in the clouds’, or need we allow ourselves to be more like the Dove and ‘settle’ closer to earth. A dilemma exists for those who love these little creatures. They are aware of the subtle difference between these two energies; for, they ‘live’ these energies on a daily basis. Should I ‘stay up in the clouds’, or should I ‘come down to earth’? Yes, my friends, this is one of the dilemmas that those who have a love for these two very similar birds, experience daily. Up there, or down here; which is it to be?

Well, my friends; there is an ever so slight difference between the two energies, and yet a very marked one for those who are influenced by those energies.)

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Photo Courtesy: Free Documentaion LicenseIt’s there over the hills; that’s where I want to be; in a land so wide. Yeah !

(Where do you want to be? Go on; tell me.. Where do you want to be?

Do you want to be alone? Do you want to be with friends? Do you want to be sitting on your couch eating potato chips? There are many places where you may care to be right now; yes? Indeed, many of us do not want to be ‘where we are’.

And why is this so? We do not care to be ‘where we are’ due to an insatiable appetite for more. That’s right my friends; we want more. Simple. It is very simple; is it not. We do not care for our ‘place’ in life; no, we don’t care for our ‘position’ in life. And why is this? This is so my friends because we do not care to be truthful with ourselves. If indeed we were truthful with ourselves we would be somewhere else; would we not?

Indeed, for many this is so; for many there would be an early evacuation technique, one that would see an enormous exit from present day commitments. This is true, my friends. Many are in commitments that have not been planned. By this we mean; many bumble along through life allowing circumstances to dictate their lives.

We all have ‘circumstances’ my friend. We all have moments in time when decisions need to be made due to ‘circumstances’. Generally speaking, it is those moments in life that cause us the greatest concern; for, it is those moments in which we can make good decisions, or decisions that will make us want to be somewhere else.

Are you where you want to be, or have ‘circumstances’ dictated to you what your life holds in store?

Yes my friends; we must think very carefully when ‘circumstances’ present.)

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Heron (General)

Courtesy: pdphoto.orgWhat's it all About Aging Backwards, Alfie? Is it just for the moment we live? (Song-Cilla Black.) (A little melancholy am I, for I see things as they are.

No, I am not depressed; I am just realistic. I see things the way that they are, and sometimes that is sad.

I am pleased to be me. I am pleased to be able to see things as they are. As I said; I am not depressed; however, I am a deep thinker and that is good; for, seeing things as they really are helps me to stay on the right path.

Yes, sometimes it is difficult not to judge. Sometimes it is difficult to remain objective; but these things I strive for, to allow me the pleasure of seeing things just as they are.

A contradiction! No; a reality.

I would rather see things as they are and remain objective and real, than see things through the eyes of dust, and live unrealistically.

So you see; clarity of sight brings pleasure.)

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An 'Albino' Kookaburra - A Public Domain picture - Courtesy:

A Public Domain picture - Courtesy:

There are two of us; the one that we 'keep to ourselves', and the one that we 'show in public'....

That is not to say that we are 'two faced'; certainly not. We are shy and we like to baffle as well... This has the effect of keeping our enemies at bay...

(What enemies; I hear you say. I don’t have enemies..!  Well, my friend; we all have enemies, as you so well know; do you not? Indeed you do. We all have enemies and the sooner we recognise them the better.

Who knows who your enemies are? Good, you know who your enemies are!

Not so good; you do not know who your enemies are.

We cannot live life as if it is a fairytale. That’s right. We cannot live life as if everyone is our friend. That’s right. There will always be those who agree with us and those who do not agree with us. This is life, my friend. If we expect that everyone will agree with us, all the time, About Aging Backwards all things, we shall surely be mistaken. That’s right; surely mistaken. Only a fool can have such expectations.

We don’t want to seem harsh, dear friend. It is just that we see you bending over backwards for individuals who do not ‘have your back’, as the saying goes. No, dear friend; we see individuals who would rather place a sharp object ‘into’ your back, if you know what we mean. To them, dear friend, you must leave a somewhat ‘wide expanse’. That’s right, dear one. You mustn’t get within cooee distance, to be sure.

Have we been forceful enough? Have we enlightened you to a state within your consciousness that needs your devotion? Yes? Good. We do not want to see you leave yourself ‘unprotected’ from those who do not have your goodwill at heart. This is so, dear one. They do not want to be your friend; no. They would rather be your enemy.)

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Magpie (General)

MagpieThe Maggie is an exceptional bird…….

(And why is it exceptional? It is exceptional, my friend, because it thinks quite clearly About Aging Backwards its life and its needs. And this is what the Maggie says to you, dear friend. Think clearly About Aging Backwards your life.

We all have our needs, do we not? Indeed we do. We all have our needs and some of us look after our needs, and others – well; do we need to say more!

Yes my friends, Maggies are here to tell us that we do have needs, and that if we do not look after our needs we will most certainly do without.

Can we be a little more specific? Indeed we can.

We, the Maggies of the world, ask that you eat well. There are lots of very good nourishing tid-bits to be found; are there not? We ask that you take the opportunity to ‘fly’ once in a while. By that, my friends, we ask that you ‘get out and About Aging Backwards’. Don’t remain ‘stuck’ in one position of frame of mind or body. There are a myriad of sights to see and thoughts to be had. Take a load off, once in a while, and allow yourself to relax.

Is this specific enough for you? Good; we Maggies of the world hope that you take this advice to heart. We do. Do you not see us conversing with each other; feeding ourselves the highly nutritious tid-bits, relaxing in the sun? Indeed you do, my friends. We know how to take care of ourselves, and hope that you do too…)

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Magpie-Lark (Peewee) Magpie-lark (Peewee) Wikipedia Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 License Author Dick Daniels

Is someone listening or are my words falling on deaf ears?

(Wait a moment, I’m talking.

How often do you speak and no-one listens? Well, this seems as though it is happening to me constantly. Why? Why of why don’t they listen. They have ears, don’t they? And yet I can talk and talk and talk and talk and they don’t hear me…. Aggggghhhhhhh…….

I really don’t understand why they don’t listen. I have pondered this a million times and I’ve never been able to come up with the reason. I’ve made excuses for them; I’ve sucked up to them; I’ve bribed them and still no response. Could it be that what I have to say just isn’t worth listening to? No, I really mean this… Could it be that I don’t talk sense. I mean, I’ve got to start looking at reasons why. I just can’t get them to listen to me.

 This really is a problem. Can you help?

Well, firstly I would ascertain if indeed what I was saying was of value. Then I would consider the method of execution of delivery. Is it possible that what you have to say is indeed valuable however, your delivery may be a little distasteful or rough or without sufficient drama to make it interesting. Are you perhaps not showing interest in the topic even though you may be trying to sound as though you are interested? Could it be that you have lost interest in your topic and this attitude is showing itself regardless of your ‘cover up’, so to speak.

Yes, that could be it. Perhaps it is a little of all of those things plus a few more. I’ll think upon it for a while and see if I can come up with a plan… Thanks for that….. )

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Owl  (General)

Courtesy pdphoto.orgSome say that we are reflecting wisdom. What do you say? Are your actions wise? Do they need some more thought?

Would it be wise to think more carefully just now? Indeed. This is what the owl is telling you.

BE wise. BE thoughtful; for wisdom and careful thought is just what the doctor ordered.

(Wisdom is not something that we have to begin with. No, wisdom is ‘acquired’. And how is it acquired? I shall tell you. It is a learned behaviour. That’s right. It is a learned behaviour. Sounds funny however, this is true. Wisdom is created by our actions, or it is ‘not’ created by our actions. Are we to create wisdom or are we to be stuck in the mire of our thoughts and behaviours? This is what the Owl is asking of us when we see their beautiful form. The question that they pose is purely individual to the individual. It speaks of ‘going within’ to where ‘all knowledge’ dwells. Do you know where all knowledge dwells, my friend? That’s right. All knowledge dwells within the soul. It is the ‘soul’ that has the knowledge of all ages. Not just today’s knowledge. No, it holds all knowledge from time past to time ‘so called’ future. Yes, my friend, the soul holds miracles in the palm of its hand (metaphorically speaking of course). And so, my friend, please seek the soul when confronted with difficulties for it has the answers that you are looking for. And how do we ‘find’ the soul? We find the soul in those quite moments between thoughts. Yes, my friends, the soul can speak to us when we allow our minds to be quiet.

And so it is that when we are attracted to the magnificent Owl species it is an indication that our soul is yearning to be heard; yearning to be appreciated; yearning to be recognised. Are we going to allow our beauteous souls input into our lives, or will we refuse. The choice is always ours.)

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Parrot (General)   (The picture showcased is of the Macaw; one of ‘roughly’ 372 species of Parrot.  Parrots are also known as psittacines.)

Picture Courtesy: Wikipedia Creative Commons Share Alike Attribution I, Luc Viatour

Parrot; an unusual name….. Parrot; an unusual game….. Parrot; an unusual breed….. Parrot; indeed.

(Why, oh why, do we call ourselves Parrot? Do we? Do we call ourselves Parrot? Or do we not? To be or not to be; this is the question?

Are you getting wise to us yet? Do you think that red is red; or is red, yellow? Why, oh why, do flowers bloom? Is it spring, or is it June? Okay wise guy what are you up to? Oh don’t go on like that, truly we shall have a fit. Okay; let’s settle down and see if we can come up with an idea. Confused?

A little…..

Why are you confused?

Because you seem to be jumping all over the place without ever coming to a conclusion.

Oh, you noticed…!!! Well yes, we do seem to do that, don’t we….? Hmmmmm, we jump all over the place and never seem to come to a conclusion….. Yes, I do believe that you are right. We jump all over the place (mentally speaking, of course) and we don’t ever seem to reach a conclusion. You’re right. What can we do About Aging Backwards this aspect of our personality?

Knowing it will help tremendously. You do know that being aware of a condition is half the battle. Once we are aware, it can linger longer where we can see it, and then we have the opportunity to ‘perhaps’ change it. We say ‘perhaps’ because not always do we want to change; do we? No, not always is ‘change’ a welcome thing.

However, we know that the parrot personality is one that ‘does’ like to change. This is why the Parrot personality has difficulty; jumping About Aging Backwards. This is instinctual; one might say.


Yes, instinctual. You see; the Parrot personality is a personality that ‘innately encourages change’. However, it is a very strong personality; one that takes some controlling; if you know what I mean….. A very strong personality requiring discipline……


Yes, discipline.

And why does it need discipline?

It needs discipline otherwise it will jump About Aging Backwards never coming to conclusions…. Simple enough. Therefore, (you very strong personality Parrot) settle yourself down; think carefully About Aging Backwards your subject, and then, when you are ‘quite ready’, take that bull by its horns and do justice to your subject; remembering to make a conclusion. That is right. Remember to make a conclusion. Do not let it ‘sit up there somewhere in the clouds’. No; we need you here on earth having made a wonderful conclusion of your subject. Savvy? Good; that’s a start.

Well, well, well my fine Parrot personality. An in-bred ability for ‘change’. An agreeable ability indeed.)

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Well, well, well. That's a fine howdy-doodie. Well, well, well. That's About Aging Backwards the strangest thing I've heard.

You don't say! What! There's more! I'm all ears!!!!!!!

(Don’t come the raw prawn with me pardner….! Don’t try to pull the wool over my eyes, friend. Don’t try to get me knickers in a knot, either. If you do, I say; if you do I’ll be throwing you a line or two meself….

I’ll have you know that I know a thing or two. I’ll have you know I’m no fool. I can see what you’re up to. Oh, yes; I can see you and you don’t fool me.

In life there are times when we choose to close our eyes to the shortcomings around us. At other times we ‘wisen up’ and allow the truth to prevail. And this is the energy of the Peacock. Those of us who are attracted to the Peacock are capable of seeing all. This is to say that we can see the best and the worst in the world. What we do with this understanding is entirely our own business. However; should you be presented with the image of the Peacock in your dreams, in your musings, in reality; it is a sure bet that you’re being asked not to be fooled this time. That is, my friend, choose to see the reality of the situation and act accordingly. To do otherwise, in this particular situation, would be foolish….)

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Pigeon (General)

PigeonWell, well, well; so you want to understand the Pigeon personality. Well then let’s go…….

(The Pigeon personality is one which engages in many of life’s lessons. Does this surprise? Yes?


Indeed the Pigeon is full of surprises….. And why is it full of surprises? It is full of surprises because this is its innate centre; to be ‘full of surprises’, indeed. One day a little surprise here, and the next day a little surprise there. Do you see what I mean? Little surprises here, and little surprises there. Life would be oh so hum drum if it were not for ‘little surprises’.

Now, every time you see a Pigeon you will exclaim “Oh, I wonder what ‘little surprise’ is in store for me today?” Indeed.

How very sweet is the energy of the Pigeon. It is a very gentle energy which has quite surprised me…!)

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Rooster (General)  

Rooster Picture Courtesy: PublicDomainPictures.netThis is my day, yes it is! 

It is my day and I’m going to make the most of it…!  Yes, indeed.

(This is ‘your’ day; are you going to make the most of it? I certainly hope so.

Take a leaf from my book and let yourself crow…. Go on….  Let yourself crow away into the day.

That’s right!  Let yourself be heard this day. In fact, let yourself be heard everyday of your life.

Why? You ask why!

Why not, my friend? Why not!!!)

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Rosella  (Parrot Family)

Rosella Picture Courtesy: Wikipedia Creative Commons Share-Alike User: Snowmanradio

Hello there people, I’m the Rosella…..

(I’m a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n roll. Yep: I’ll say that again. I’m a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n roll. I have my likes and my dislikes; sure do. And, I’ll tell you what they are too. I’m not shy when it comes to voicing my opinion. No sir’ee. I have an opinion and it will be heard.

What’s that? You don’t care for opinionated Parrots? Well, who cares? I don’t; that’s for sure. When you can walk a thousand miles in my shoes then you may be able to see why I am opinionated. ‘Til then, refrain from your opinion, thanks very much. Until you can see life from my viewpoint I’ll ask you to keep your lack of knowledge to yourself. No; I certainly don’t suffer fools gladly. No, I don’t. Why should I? That’s right. Why should I? Life’s far too short to have to suffer fools.

That having been said I’ll tell you why I am a little ruffled when it comes to others putting forth their opinions without a leg to stand upon. That’s why…! They generally don’t have a leg to stand upon yet they spruik their opinions hither and thither. And…. Some actually believe them.… Hear that…. Some actually believe their nonsense….

Oh, don’t get me going; we’ll be here all day.

I s’pose I should calm down; shouldn’t I…?  There’s always going to be those around who think that they know everything when the reality is they know nuthin’….. Geeeezz, ain’t that the truth…)

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Turkey Picture Courtesy: Public Domain Wikipedia

What About Aging Backwards me? Okay you guys…. Come on; who’s the wise guy?

(Seems we just can’t get enough of our friend the Turkey. Know what I mean?

 No, what do you mean?

I mean we can’t get enough of all this comin’ and goin’. Yep; that’s what I said. All this comin’ and goin’.

What do you mean?

Well, I’ll tell you. We, turkeys that is, want the whole wide world to know a coupla things ‘bout us that you may not know. Yep; that’s right. We want the whole wide world to know a coupla things ‘bout us; that’s for sure.

Well go on, tell us.

Okay, okay, hold on to ya britches. We’ll tell ya when we’re good and ready. Yep; that’s what we’ll do. When we’re good and ready we’ll tell ya a coupla things ‘bout us.

Well if you don’t hurry up I’m going to lose interest, my friend. In fact, if you don’t speak up right now; I’m off.

(Silence………. then…)

Well ya don’t have ta be so touchy; sheeeesh….

(Silence……. For an interminable time…… then…)

Okay, okay, we said we’d tell ya a coupla things and tell we will…..

(Silence…… I’m getting a bit cheesed off with this energy….. I think I’ll get out now while the getting out is good……)

Wow; how strange was that energy…!!! It wanted to have power over me by not doing as it said it would….

It was belligerent, non-conforming, arrogant; would have been belittling if I’d hung around long enough. However I didn’t hang around.

Is this the whole answer? Is this an energy that we need to ‘move away from’ when it presents?

Should we allow such arrogance a ‘foothold’? I don’t believe so. When such an energy presents I ‘run’ as quickly as I can in the other direction. An energy that wants some sort of power over me; whether that is to want more of me than I’m want to give; or an energy that displays arrogance; I don’t want any part of it and endeavour to ‘diplomatically’ get away. 

This energy wants to usurp my energy. It wants to feel in control. It wants to be thought of as powerful; when in fact it is without substance; without kindness; without finesse; without love; without compassion; without truth; without justice; without tact; without reason.

Yes, an energy that presents to me with these qualities generally gets the ‘short shuffle’….. They are generally too self absorbed to notice; however, this is my way of dealing with bullies. How do you deal with these types? Do you ‘hang around’ and let them usurp your energy, or do you do as I do and give them a wide berth? Let me know; I’d be so interested to hear…!!)

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Willie Wagtail

Willie Wagtail

Hurry along there, time's a wastin'

Better to get things done today that need to be done; rather than wasting your time playing About Aging Backwards. Don't you know you've got a lot to do?

(Time to see it from my point of view. Yes; time to see it from my point of view because your point of view is somewhat limited. That’s right. Your point of view is somewhat limited in nature. And what do we mean by this?

We mean, dear friend, that you have a tendency not to view things from ‘all’ perspectives. That’s right. You tend to view things from your own little world; don’t you? Yes you do, my friend.

Wouldn’t you like to view things from a much greater perspective than your own? Yes? In order to achieve this you will need 2 things. And what are they?

Number 1, my friend, is patience. Yes, that’s right. Number 1 is patience. You do lack a little patience don’t you! Now, be honest. Don’t hide behind self deception, my friend; no, this will never do. When you can overcome your desire to jump into the pool of impatience you will find yourself able to see more clearly the view before you. That’s right. Patience is indeed a virtue; is it not?

Number 2. Now, what could number 2 be? I know and I will tell you what number 2 is….

Number 2 is you, dear friend. That’s right; number 2 is you. And what are you, my dear friend? Why, you are everything. Indeed, dear friend; you are everything. And what is everything?  Why, everything is you, and you are everything. A little cryptic, you say…? Yes, indeed it is a little cryptic, and yet, very true.

You are everything you see, and everything you see is you. When you understand this ‘not so cryptic’ message; you will understand everything, my friend.)     


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