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What Do Your Favourite Insects Reflect About Aging Backwards You?


Arthropods (Insects) reflect our behaviour. (Insects include spiders (which have a separate page) crustaceans, scorpions and centipedes. Which arthropod do you like, think About Aging Backwards, see often, feel a closeness to, have a kinship with?  See if it is in our directory below.



Image Credit: Yongkiet_Jitwattanatam/shutterstock.comHubble-bubble toil and trouble; it’s up to me to get things done.

(What in the name of all things good are you doing?

Don’t you know that all good things come to those who wait?

Don’t you realise that wishing and hoping and day-dreaming are not the answer?


Well then, why do you insist on wasting your precious time worrying About Aging Backwards things? Why?

I’ll tell you why. You think that you have to do it all…. That is right. You think that you have to do it all and, do it right. Well, I’m here to tell you that you do not have to do it all. In fact, I wish you’d sit down and let someone else do it, for a change. That is right, my dear friend. We see you doing, doing and doing all of the time. Do we not? Indeed, we do.

Let it go, dear one. Let it go where all troubles go. That’s right. Let it go into the darkness where it will find company. That is right, dear friend. Worry not; all things will come right in the end if you allow. That is right. All things will come right in the end if you refuse to worry; refuse to work as hard as you do. Allow that which is rightfully yours to find its way to you; that is right.

Too many strive for things that they want to achieve without the realisation that that which is right will find its way to you. All you have to do is ‘want’ it to be so; see it clearly in your mind; and then allow it to come, in its time. Hear that, dear friend, in 'its' time……)

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Image Credit: lkordela/shutterstock.comIn Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho it’s off to work we go.

And keep on singing all day long

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho.

(Yes, we love to work; don’t you? No..! Yes…? Well; what is it; yes or no? You can’t have it both ways you know! No, you can’t have it both ways.

Why n0t?

Because that’s just the way it is. You either like work, or you don’t. How can you like work and not like work?

Because there are some parts of it that I like and some parts of it that I don’t.!

Right. That sounds okay to me. Sure there are always going to be parts of everything that we like, as well as parts that we don’t. I agree. So, now that we have established that there are parts of things that we like and parts of things that we don’t like; where does that leave us? It leaves us knowing that it is okay to like some parts of something yet not other parts of that same thing. Nothing wrong with that. That is when we can apply the saying; ‘take what you like and leave the rest’. Doesn’t mean that we are vacillating; no. Doesn’t mean that we are fickle; no. Doesn’t mean that we can’t make up our mind; no. It just means that we care for some things, whilst not caring for others. Simple enough. Yes, simple enough.)

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Courtesy: pdphoto.orgBe serene and know that I am with thee.

(A bridge to our soul life. Indeed, this is what the beautiful butterfly represents. It is asking us to think upon our soul. It is asking us to ponder the soul. It is asking that we ‘take to heart’ the fact that we have a soul.

Many of us wander through life without hope. We clamber over rocks and issues within the moments of our day and forget that ‘close by’ is the salvation of the ages. Yes my friends, we fail to recognise the salvation of the ages. And what is the salvation of the ages? Yes, that’s right. The salvation of the ages is our most precious gift; our soul.

It is only when we have recognised this gift that all problems begin to cease. Indeed, this is true my friends. When the soul is recognised, all problems begin to cease.  Know that this is true. I know that this is true for this has been my experience. An experience so wonderful, so precious, so exhilarating as to bring such wonder into my life; the adventure is overwhelming. An incredible adventure awaits all who recognise the soul. This self recognition is ‘available’ to all.

It is not for the feint-hearted. No, indeed it is not. It takes a multitude of energy, persistence, devotion, serenity, calm, intention (the list goes on) to make way in our ever fast paced lives to stop, sit, cogitate, muse, remember, allow, accept the inevitable glorious ability we have within ourselves.

Yes my friends, the soul is awaiting recognition. Once recognised it will become obvious to us; the changes it will bring will become obvious to us. No more the obstinate; no more the weary of heart; no more the trying to escape. Yes, the soul allows us to ‘wait’ upon ourselves; to ‘wait’ upon others.

And what is this ‘wait’? It is the essence of love; that it is. It is the essence of love engendered ‘within’ that allows us patience; tolerance; acceptance that indeed we are all different. Halleluiah; we are all different.  May each and everyone find the soul within.

The beautiful butterfly holds the key to our inmost. It is a beacon in an otherwise cloudy day; a light that we can shine upon dismal circumstances; the one to turn to when we are in need. A beginning; just a beginning. A beginning out of darkness into the light of day.)

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Image Courtesy: Wikipedia - Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike. User PossumAnger, trouble. Don’t mess with me.

 (Inner anger and disturbances, which need evaluation and releasing.)

 (What; just go away, as if I haven’t enough on my mind. Trouble, trouble, trouble. That’s all I get… Trouble, trouble, trouble…….. Just Go Away….………..

God, won’t they just leave me alone for a day. Not even a day; it’s just trouble, trouble, trouble…… God, I’m sick of it…………. (A long pause with a very deep sigh.)

I’m just so overloaded. … … … (Another deep sigh.)  God; I’m just so overloaded. (Another deep sigh.) Boy oh boy (whilst sighing) just can’t take this anymore……. (Another deep sigh.) It’s just all way too much (whilst sighing) If this continues on I don’t think I’ll make it…. I just don’t think I’ll make it…. Wow, (Another deep sigh.) Wow……. Just need some peace….. Just a little peace……… Just need to know that this will all be over with some day…. Need to know that life isn’t meant to be this haaaarrrrrrrrrrddddddddd……. (Another deep sigh.) Glory, glory, glory; will it ever end……..

Well my dear, dear friends; I am aware of the depths to which we can reach….. And this reflection has certainly gone as deep as I would ever like to go….. I have been there personally; many years ago. I remember trying to end my life a few times; life was ‘that’ hard; indeed it was. I didn’t succeed, as you know  ;)  However, I really wanted to go away from all the darkness; all the inner turmoil; all the hatred, poverty, lies, bad behaviour. Oh yes, my friends; I know this feeling all too well; I’m sad to say. However, I have a feeling that, just as did happen to me; there is a brighter day coming… we just have to hold on to see……….)

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Chysalis Image: Wikipedia User: Armon - Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike LicenceOh how I wish I could live in a chrysalis… It would be so snug and warm…

(Yes, many of us would like to wrap ourselves up inside a warm and protective covering; just as the Pupa of the beautiful butterfly does. Well, as we know, it’s not the Butterfly who wraps himself up; no, it is the stage before the butterfly emergence. Is it not? Indeed.

Many of us would prefer not to ‘come out’ of the chrysalis; not for anything. We hide ourselves away; looking for comfort by any means other than ‘the cold light of day’, as they say. And what is ‘the cold light of day’? I’ll tell you. The ‘cold light of day’ is merely a saying for those things that we find a little ‘hard’ to do; a little ‘unsettling’. Indeed this is true. And yet; were we to ‘take the bull by its horns’ and allow that ‘light of day’ to shine upon them, we may find that, just like that pupa (inside the chrysalis) is growing and stretching and becoming; perhaps this is just what may happen to us too; if we just allow.

Indeed, it can be scary to ‘drop the chrysalis’ and expose ourselves. Indeed this is true. I would not suggest that you ‘drop your chrysalis’ without having another form of protection to surround you. Indeed not; we all need some form of protection. To go out in ‘public’ without some form of protection would be well, suicide; and this would never do. No indeed not.

 No, what I would suggest to you, dear friend; is firstly:

Allow the mind to ponder being ‘out’ in public wearing something protective like; let us say; an even temperament. Yes, let’s say that wearing ‘an even temperament’ is a wonderful protective measurement.

Secondly; what could be our second protective measure. I know: Our second protective measure could be to ‘be pleasant’. Yes, that’s right. Our second protective measure would be to be pleasant to each and everyone that we see.

Oh, this is ever so simple really. I bet that you thought it would be difficult to protect yourself whilst out in public. And yet; no, it is not so very difficult at all, indeed.

I’m sure that we could go on and on an on and on thinking About Aging Backwards how to protect ourselves in public; however, I think you are ‘getting the drift’ are you not?

Yes, indeed I believe that you are finding ways to protect yourself right at this very moment, indeed.)

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Scurry-scurry here; scurry there; one can’t run away from everywhere. Look deep inside (if you dare). The things that trouble you; they are there.

(We all have various idiosyncrasies that can or cannot do us harm. For instance; we may have an idiosyncrasy that makes us stalk our lovers with the intent of catching them unawares doing misdeeds. Don’t laugh my friends, there are many who do just this. Do they not? Indeed they do. This is certainly a behaviour that does harm. Some may disapprove of this; however, this behaviour certainly does do harm.

Then there is the example of an idiosyncrasy toward gaming. Does this do harm? It can for some. In others it can be just a pleasant way to pass the time. However, there are many idiosyncrasies that are perfectly normal and harmless. Such as; walking on the left hand side of the street. This is not an idiosyncrasy of self destruction, as it were. No, there are idiosyncrasies that we can accept as being a little odd, and yet not harmful. Can we all agree on that? Yes? I think the aye’s have it…!

Now that we have accepted the difference between behaviours that can harm, and those  (albeit them a little odd), do no harm. This is a good place to start.

Many of us are troubled. Many of us have behaviours that do indeed trouble us. Many of us have behaviours that we’d rather not have. Many of us have tried, unsuccessfully, to rid ourselves of such behaviours that we know cause us trouble. Indeed we have. Have we not? Yes? I can hear you say yes; good. Now, what are we going to do with such behaviours that cause trouble?

Firstly: Our awareness is our best key.

Secondly: Our desire to be rid of these behaviours once and for all, is our second key.

Thirdly: We need to have an enormous amount of energy; for, this energy is going to be needed to exert upon this behaviour every time it surfaces. Indeed. This behaviour will not relinquish control easily, and 'will power' alone will not have the desired effect. No indeed. To eradicate this behaviour from within we will need our fourth step. And what is our fourth step? We shall see.

Fourth Step: Nothing…. No, we need not do anything. Once we have become aware of the behaviour, and have the right amount of desire to be rid of it, it shall surely go.

Oh, I hear you say. That’s not right; I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work.

I shall tell you my friend. It has not worked because your desire has not been strong enough. When we really want to change, and want that change with all our heart, with all our soul; then and only then will the change happen. Until then, my friend, you will be suffering from your own lack of determination; lack of ‘want’, lack of the element necessary to create change.

Simple, my friend. Desire is not only for those things in life that we want to have. No, dear friend. It is also the inner substance needed to elicit change.

May I be the first to wish you success in whatever behaviour you wish to change.)

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Courtesy: Wikipedia.orgHush. Don’t tell anyone that we are here………………….


(Move over brother; times a wastin’

Get your act together there’s no time to spare. We hate to see others wasting their time. It’s so precious; it really is….!

Many can’t see that they play About Aging Backwards doing nothing… That’s right…. Nothing…!

Can’t they see that life holds so much more? Can’t they see that if they took a little initiative that life would be grand? And yet, they sit, day after day after day, doing nothing.

What’s up with that…!?

Plenty if you ask me.

If they didn’t have any legs then I could understand them not going for walks. If they had no eyes to see I could understand them not wishing to see the beauty. If they were a tailor I could understand them not wishing to be a plumber…. if you get my drift. But heck…. When they are able bodied and nimble minded, yet do nothing… well…that’s just an insult to those who have no choice. Even those who have no choice do something, don’t they? Yes sir’ee… even those who have no choice can be seen climbing mountains with one leg; visiting grand sites of earth when they have no eyes to see.  Don’t you get it man…? Don’t you get it?

Oh boy… I’d better stop my rantin’; it does no good. If you got no get up and go, then you got no get up 'n go. Can’t make that darn horse drink if he dunna wanna.)

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Dragonfly (General)

Dragonfly (A Public Domain Image) Credit: Koyaanis QatsiHurry, hurry; I mustn't be late.

Hurry, hurry; for I have a date.

Hurry, hurry I mustn't forget.

No time to ponder, or I might be late.

(Isn't it time to ponder? Yes? No?

There does come a time when pondering is the best thing to do. Yes? No?

Indeed my friends; pondering can be fun. It can take us to many places, real or not real.

Most ponder with the imagination; this is true. We would ask that you do as the Dragonfly; he ponders upon the real.

Too many ponder upon the 'not real'.

This, my dear friends, causes much angst. Indeed, this type of pondering is 'for the birds'. You understand my dear, dear friends, we do not like birds; no, dear ones, birds tend to have sharp  beaks; indeed.

Do you want to be 'taken by the birds with their sharp beaks? Yes? No?

Should you answer 'no' dear heart, we would suggest that you refrain from pondering the 'not real', and concentrate your pondering upon 'facts'. Oh yes, my friends. Pondering facts will have the birds not worrying you; you will be safe in the confines of reality; indeed.)

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Lady Beetle  (Ladybug)

Credit: U.S. Dept. of AgricultureWhat's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!

And this is what we have to say to you. Any other name presents the same energy.

If, for instance, a name is given; does it change the energy? No, it does not. Energy is energy is energy.

The name shall bring energies of its own; however, it cannot, nor will it, 'change' the object; this remains the same.

So, when choosing a name be sure that you do not expect the object to resonate with the energies. No, this is an impossibility.

(Many do this; they choose a name that is liked in the hope that the child will resonate with the energies of that name. This is an impossibility. The child will have its own energies, and cannot resonate to any other energy other than its own.

We see this over and over again. His energies are of a ‘Charles’, and yet, his parents or guardians, give him the name of 'John' in the vain hope that he will be like his grandfather. Others give the child a name of a famous individual hoping, in vain, that somehow the name will impart some of the success.

We all do this. Do we not? We hope that life will be kind and do as we can to ensure that kindness prevails upon those we love; and yet, this is folly to those of us who know. Each one will have the energy that was intended, and there is nought that can be done to change that.)

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Monarch Butterfly    

Monarch Butterfly - Public Domain Picture Courtesy:National Scenic Byways ProgramThe way to your heart; indeed. The way to your heart is via the beauty that you see. 


(Oh yes, my friends; beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  

And what, pray tell, do you see?  


Come with me on a journey. A journey that could take as little time as it would take to blink an eye.  

We do not mean to confuse, dear heart. No, it is not our intention to confuse. However, we see many being confused by their surrounds. 


Indeed, dear ones; if it is death and destruction one sees in their surrounds, there would seem to be a need for compensation to be given should they perceive the entire world in this fashion. This is not the case, dear hearts. There is most certainly death and destruction happening in the world however, we would ask that you confine your thinking to ‘your’ world.  


If you are one who is experiencing death and destruction we would ask that you turn your thinking to those who are not experiencing this situation.  


Should you be one of those who is not experiencing death and destruction we would ask that you place your thoughts, not on death and destruction, for this will only enhance those energies; making them more powerful than they already are. 


Does this seem like an impossibility, dear heart? Does it seem to be a significant ideal within the lives of humans? Is it possible to discount the death and destruction in the world, and allow yourself to refrain from thinking About Aging Backwards it?  


Some would say this is turning a ‘blind eye’, as it is said. Some would say that this is ignorance breeding ignorance.


We would suggest, dear ones, this is ‘life’ preserving. We would suggest that if you cannot do anything substantial, by way of making this condition better, than your thoughts will only contribute to the negativity.  


Live your life with a sense of ‘presence’. Yes, that’s right. Live your life in whatever circumstances you find yourself. Do not place yourself in energies that are not of your making, or your good. No, dear hearts. This is what the Monarch butterfly suggests to those who enjoy its beauty. Live; not your brother’s; not your sister’s life. No, dear ones; this is their experience. Live your own life, and leave others to live theirs.)

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Praying Mantis  - Preamble

As a preamble to the Praying Mantis Reflection I feel that it needs an introduction by way of this post.  

The reflections that I have been asked to create (by my guidance; the Collective Consciousness) are based on the premise that all creatures (indeed all living things) reflect an aspect of man’s nature. We are all aware that there are some wonderful aspects to man’s nature that are caring, selfless, giving and beneficial to all others. However, we are just as aware that the opposite is indeed true.  

Bearing this in mind the Praying Mantis reflection reminds me of a boss I once had. He, I believe, was a borderline sociopath. Eventually his bullying ways, rudeness and overbearing nature got him fired unceremoniously when a new CEO saw him for what he was and, within a very short time, gave him his marching orders. This was an enormous relief for all of us who had the misfortune to work beside him (or should I say ‘beneath’ him). This was indeed this man’s personality. He overpowered all and sundry with his formidable mental presence, and, in his case, quite a formidable physical presence as well; which only added to his tyrannical presence. He embarrassed and humiliated anyone who dared to have a differing point of view and his sneering look bespoke of a cynical pleasure as he watched all others cringe as he walked past. Eventually nobody spoke for fear that they would encourage his belittling attentions. Such was this man’s nature. He didn’t have any friends; indeed he spoke of being ‘estranged’ from his family. (Being the counsellor that I am I was able to prize this information from him during one of his more ‘vulnerable’ moments.) At a closer look, he was, in fact, quite a lonely character whose only ability was to isolate himself further by his anti-social behaviour. 

I write this because I feel a need to do so. The Praying Mantis reflection is not for the feint-hearted. It is an attempt to allow us to see and feel the presence of those who are out to do harm. No judgment; this is just their experience. 

However, we do, I believe, have a responsibility to ourselves not to allow these personality types to bully, demean and in other ways threaten our natures. This is a choice. We can allow this to occur and carry the debilitating energies within us (which are one cause of ill-health); or we can send those energies on their way by asking (whomsoever is our higher power/soul/consciousness/the universe, etc.,) that they (the harmful energies) be returned to the individual who has created them.  

This, in my experience, does take an enormous amount of resolve, intention, courage and fortitude if we are to be successful. However, I have done this and I know that it has worked for me, and for others. 

I would suggest that you give it a go if you are experiencing the energies of a bullying type or others whose energy leaves a negative vibe. 

What have you to lose but a little effort and perhaps a great deal of someone else’s energies…..


Praying Mantis (General)  Have you read the Preamble?

Image Credit:  tea_maeklong / Shutterstock. com

Hello brother, how are you?

Well enough of that frivolity; there’s work to be done…….

(Busy, busy, busy is the Praying Mantis’ life. Up in the morning and off to work; no time to dilly dally; that’s right. We have an ethic and we must uphold it. We are secure in our own sense of self; not like many others whose favours go from this little piece of jetsam to that little piece of flotsam. No; it’s work, work, work, work, work; if you see what I mean.

Well yes, I do see what you mean, however; I don’t agree with you that life should be all work. We do need to take time to play!

Play! Play; you say! Well that’s nonsense. How can we get things done if we play? That’s the most utter rubbish I’ve heard in years.

Well, if you are constantly working you wouldn’t have heard that saying; would you? And secondly; nobody’s probably brave enough to tell you that all work and no play, etc., etc.

Don’t get stroppy with me young woman, err human, what ever. I will live my life how I want to and enough is said About Aging Backwards that…….


Goodness; I’ve attuned to a lot of energies; however, this one has really surprised me. I thought that the Praying Mantis would have very different energies. I don’t know what; just different. It would seem that the Praying Mantis represents those of us who are one eyed, so to speak. Individuals, such as this energy represents are not capable of enjoyment. It would seem that they are rather righteous in their unstoppable mental attitude; whatever and wherever that happens to fall. Opinionated comes to mind, as does defensive.

I don’t know why I am vacillating?

I don’t know why I cannot come to a conclusion.

The Praying Mantis energy seems to be lingering and not allowing me to think clearly.

Could it be that the Praying Mantis energy tends to usurp other’s energy in its need to keep itself occupied and busy?

Could it be that the Praying Mantis energy endeavours to overpower others?

Could it be that the Praying Mantis energy makes those About Aging Backwards him/her feel inadequate and incapable?

Indeed; all of the foregoing is true. The Praying Mantis energy robs, not from Peter to pay Paul, but for himself/herself. That is sad, and yet it is just an energy; one that we can allow ourselves to be effected by, or not.

I choose not to allow the Praying Mantis energy to usurp my energy. Fare thee well Praying Mantis energy; I ask that you return from whence you came….    Ahhhhhhh, feeling better now…….

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Photo Credit: US Department of AgricultureA need to protect your ‘house’ i.e. your surroundings and body (physical).

(Well, don’t blame the messenger….. This is a saying that is heard often times. It means that we ought not to ‘take out’ our anger/disturbance upon the one who enlightens us. This is what the Wasp reminds us to do, or ‘not to do’.

The Wasp is a messenger reminding us to ‘take care’ of ourselves (in particular our physical body).

Many have a tendency to overlook the needs of the body; do we not? Yes, indeed many of us do this, constantly.

We remember to put petrol in our cars, empty the trash; remind ourselves to go to work, do the cooking, mow the lawns, etc., etc., and yet we can ‘forget’ to look after our physical selves.

A timely reminder (when we find a wasp a buzzing) is to say to ourselves. “Have we been ‘taking care’ of our bodies lately?”) 

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