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Animals  -  What Do Your Favourite Animals Say About Aging Backwards You?

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Animals reflect our behaviour.  Which animal do you like, think About Aging Backwards, see often, feel a closeness to, have a kinship with?  See if it is in our directory below.




Copyright:  Carolyn Page - ABC of Spirit TalkNow. Now. Now. Whatís wrong with  N O W ?

Donít delay. Do it now; for tomorrow may be too late.


I have a passion, indeed I do. I have a passion to live life to the full. Isn't this a wonderful passion? Yes? No? What say you? Is this a good passion to have, or not?

Why do you ask?

Well, I'm unsure. I'm not sure if passion is good, or not. No, I'm unsure if passion is the way to go.


Well, passion is a fierce energy.


Yes, passion is a fierce energy that may, in time, burn out.


Yes, passion may be an energy like a meteor burning brightly, then.....  Hmmmmm..... I'm wondering if passion can be lasting. I'm wondering if passion is perhaps an energy one may encounter briefly; like a brilliant ray of sunshine lasting momentarily.

Are you lost, dear heart?

Yes, you could say that.

Shall we assist?

Yes, please do.

Passion, as you've stated, is a passing energy filled with ferocity, at times. Yes?


Passion can be momentary. Yes?

Yes, that is what I believe to be true.

Indeed, dear heart, passion is a fierce energy that can usurp the energy of calm, of peace. Yes?

Yes. So what are you saying?

We are saying, dear one. Passion, although coveted by many, creates an energy within that binds. Indeed, dear one, it binds you to the object of the passion.

And this is not always a good thing?

Indeed, dear one, this is not a good thing at all.

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Wildebeest   (Gnu)

Image Credit: gopause/

What's new? Nothing. No there's nothing new. Or is there?

Wait a moment; I think that I have thought of something new.................................

Nope, I was mistaken. No...........there's nothing new; just the old, rehashed.

Oh well, guess that's one on me!!!!!

(Look around you and what do you see? Do you see anything new? Do you see the real or the pretend? It's up to us to see whatever we see. One man's sight may see victorious happenings, whilst another man's sight may view the ridiculous; you get the drift!

We each shall see the world through our own eyes. An obvious statement you say! Yes, all is obvious when viewed through this means. We shall each see what we see, through our own particular sight; our own particular experiences; our own particular viewpoint. Not to be confused with truth. No, this is where the confusion comes in. Does it not? Indeed it does. We each see through the eyes of our own experience, and this is always somewhat different to the experiences of others.

A simple philosophy, and yet a true philosophy to be sure.)

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Wolf  (General)  

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What is this for? Do we know? Are we to be led, or are we to lead?

These, and more, are the questions we need to ask of ourselves as we journey along life's path; for without the answers we are but leaves in the wind. Are we not?

(There are many questions we need to ask of ourselves as we venture along the road. Many of these questions go unanswered; indeed, many are not often thought About Aging Backwards.

Why is this so?

This is so, my friends, because we often do not slow down sufficiently for these questions to surface. Indeed, many of us are so busy directing our lives, we fail to take note of the many signposts along the way; signposts that would (should we allow) ask of us to deliberate upon many of life's pressing needs.

Indeed, we say 'pressing needs' for many of us fail to realise the seriousness of our lives.

The wolf is indeed a wondrous example of one who recognises these 'signposts'. Were it not for 'checking for signposts' the wolf would fall into many traps; both mental and physical.

Therefore, we would ask of you this day to watch for the 'signposts' that will ask you to alter your course; whether that be physically, mentally or spiritually.

Yes, my friends, the wolf  seeks this from you this day.

Will you listen, or will fail to see?)

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Wombat Picture Courtesy: pdphoto.orgShut me out; you canít. Cut me off; I still exist.

I remain always and ever; because Iím strong.

(Never, never, never get in the way of a Wombat About Aging Backwards his business. He will run you over if you get in his way. This he will because this is his nature. A human wombat personality is somewhat the same; he will Ďrun you overí if you get in his way. Why? Why indeed. This personality is not to be tampered with; if you know whatís good for you. Better to move out of this personalityís way than to try to confront him. You will lose, my friend.

Now, why does the wombat personality present itself in this form? Iíll tell you why. It presents itself in this form because it knows no other way. Thatís right. Itís pretty simple really. The wombat personality presents itself in this way because it knows no other way of addressing lifeís complex conditions. Until it learns to meet life on gentler terms it will use its forceful personality to gets its way, indeed this is true. Until it learns that life can be dealt with using gentler mechanisms it will utilise the force of its will to decimate all and sundry who dare to stand in its way of achieving those things that it desires.

A childlike way of acting; to be sure.

Now let us address yet another aspect of the human wombat personality. It is rather tormented by its inability to perform. Yes, thatís right. It is frustrated by its attempts to perform certain tasks, this is so. It hasnít as yet learned to deal with the daily rituals that it needs to endure, without the concept of bullying its way through life; and will not until this concept has released its grip upon him/her. Yes, that is right. The human wombat personality is like a child stretching and growing and learning Ďhowí to fit itself into life. Simple enough! The human wombat personality, once matured, has an understanding of others who, like themselves, fought hard to acquire maturity. They, the matured human wombat personality, will understand Ďchildrení more than any other personality type; for, they have experienced the energies associated with childhood at a far greater depth than any other personality type. Evidence this with those who work with children and it will be noted, by more than a few, that they can relate to this supposition easily and with an honesty only known to themselves. They make excellent care givers, especially to those who have yet to reach maturity.

This may come as a surprise to many; however; it is true my friends. Those who were perhaps the most stubborn of children do indeed grow up to be the most favoured of all by those for whom they serve; namely children.


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