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Animals  -  What Do Your Favourite Animals Say About Aging Backwards  You?

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Animals reflect our behaviour.  Which animal do you like, think About Aging Backwards, see often, feel a closeness to, have a kinship with?  See if it is in our directory below.



Sheep (General)  

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All is well, don’t worry; it will all work out…


(Today is a day to remember.

Why?  Why is today a day to remember?

Today is a day to remember because there are many things that are going to happen this day which will allow you to understand some things that you currently do not understand. Yes, my friend; today you will understand that there is no need to worry, indeed.

And, why do we say this? We say this because it is true. You, my friend, tend to worry. Do you not? Indeed you do, my friend. You, especially you, tend to worry About Aging Backwards the ‘small’ things, don’t you? Yes you do; we know you do. And why do you tend to worry About Aging Backwards the ‘small’ things? We’ll tell you. You, my friend, tend to worry About Aging Backwards the small things because your brain tends to ‘get in your way’. Does it not?

Doesn’t your brain think and think and think and think?

Indeed it does.

And what does it think About Aging Backwards?

We know what it thinks About Aging Backwards. It thinks About Aging Backwards how important it is. It surely does this. Does it not? It thinks About Aging Backwards how important it is and how it, and it alone, has the capacity to ‘work things out’.

Huh. It thinks that it, and it alone, has the capacity to understand ‘all things’.

Huh, my friend, huh!

Your brain would like you to think that it has all of the answers; yes, it surely does do this. Does it not?

Doesn’t it tell you that it has all the answers; all the understanding?

Yes, my friend, it certainly does.

Is this true, my friend?

No, dear one, this is not true.

Your brain does not have all of the answers to solve all of life’s little problems.)

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Sloth  (General)   

Hey, there; life is for living; don’t you know……

(Yes, we know; it seems kinda odd we sloths giving out this kind of information. We know, we know. We’ve heard all the sloooowwww jokes…. Ha Ha Ha… Yes, we’ve heard it all; you might say. We know what it’s like to feel harassed; yes we do. We know what it’s like to be underestimated; yes, we do. We know what it’s like to be put down; yes we do. And why does this happen to us…. Well, just take a look at us; go on, take a look. What do you see? Go on; tell us. What do you see?

Precisely, we’re not the most beautiful thing walking; that we’re not.

People have a habit of doing that, don’t they? They ‘take a look’ and judge you; not for what’s on the inside, oh no. They judge you from the outside in. We could be the most intelligent being on the planet and yet some (not all, mind you) but some would not be able to get past our looks.   Yeah; happens all the time; sure does.

Whereas me (cause I’m so darned ugly) take on that criticism and believe it…. Yeah; I’m just as stupid as that guy is for judging me. I take his comments on board and allow them to become a part of me…. Stupid, stupid, stupid; yeah, I know. Won’t it be a good day when you stop judging me and I stop judging you and we all agree not to suffer…? Yeah; that will be a great day…!)

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Squirrel (General)

A happy chap! Yes, a happy chap!

Won't you come and join me!

(Too many fear being happy..! 

Oh yes, my friends.

Too many fear being happy.

You think not?

You think there are those who pretend to be happy when they are not?

Do you think there are those who refuse to be happy?

These may seem like silly questions, my friends; and yet we know there are those who refuse happiness with all their heart.

And, why do they refuse happiness?

Some refuse happiness because of a past pain. That they do, dear hearts.

They refuse happiness because of a lost love, or a lost job, or a lost article of some monetary value.

There are a myriad reasons why some refuse happiness.

Are you refusing happiness?

Do you refuse happiness because the weather is not to your liking? Yes, does this ring true for you?

Could it be that happiness is alluding you because of a 'difference of opinion'?

Indeed, many are the reasons why some refuse happiness.

A simple word is 'happiness'. And yet, dear friends; woe be to those who refuse.)

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Tiger  (General)                                                              

Image Credit: Arangan_Ananth /

So you want to know what’s new. I can tell you a thing or two!

So what’s new? Nothing really; no there is really nothing new!

We all like to think that there is something new around every corner; however, when we go around the corner we generally find the same set of circumstances before us.

That is right my friends. We will find the same set of circumstances following us About Aging Backwards wherever we go. And why is this so? This is so because; in order to learn from a particular condition we need to place ourselves into the same set of circumstances in order for the lesson to be learned.

We may find ourselves addressing similar people, similar conditions and a similar outcome over and over again. This will occur until we have learned whatever those conditions were to teach us. Indeed, my friends, we will constantly find ourselves walking around corners only to be presented with the same conditions.

How can we stop this constant? We can stop this by allowing ourselves firstly; to understand that the same set of conditions will prevail until we can stop this from occurring by learning the lesson.

And how do we ‘learn the lesson’?

We learn the lesson by realising that indeed there is a lesson to be learned. This conscious understanding will begin the learning process. It is only when we do not stop to wonder why the same or similar conditions prevail within our lives, that we become ‘stuck’.

Yes, my friends, we can become stuck in a constant that will prevail forever, should we not become consciously aware that in order to stop this constant we need to become aware of it within our lives.

Once this has been achieved the rest shall become history as we ponder our choices of behaviour. We can allow ourselves to then modify our behaviour; and, with trial and error, allow ourselves to absorb the learning and move on.

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Okay wise guy; you’re it….!

(You are it; yes, that’s right. You are it.! And, what is it? Whatever you want to be.. That’s right. You are whatever you want to be.

We each have the ability to be whatever we want to be. Doesn’t matter ‘bout our upbringing; we can change any thing About Aging Backwards ourselves that is not to our liking. Many disagree with this statement. Many say that we are what we are and we cannot change.

Humbug; we can change any aspect of ourselves that we care to change. Just takes a bit of working at it; that’s all.

Yes, firstly we need to evaluate those aspects of ourselves that we may not like; and then, simple; we can begin the changing process immediately.

You see; any aspect of ourselves that is not agreeable can, and does, become its absolute opposite given enough time and energy. That’s an absolute certainty. The one who writes is a little stunned by this statement; however, she continues to write knowing that whatever she receives will become an understanding of enormous potential, given a little inner thought. Now she is thinking…!!

Yes, that’s right. Any thing that we do not like About Aging Backwards ourselves can indeed be changed. We are not just talking About Aging Backwards the mental aspect of ourselves. We can change much of our physical selves with a little foresight and a good plan. We can change (for the most part) those sinews and tendons with a little good insight. After all, they are only cells, and cells have the wonderful ability to change.

We shall allow you to ponder this and will return to speak upon this another day…. Fairdewell and Au revoir……. !

Well, the mighty Triceratops sure has got me to thinking…. How ‘bout you?)


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