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Animals  -  What Do Your Favourite Animals Say About Aging Backwards You?

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Animals reflect our behaviour.  Which animal do you like, think About Aging Backwards, see often, feel a closeness to, have a kinship with?  See if it is in our directory below.



Panda (Giant)  

I’m miserable and then I’m happy. I'm miserable and then I’m sad; I’m miserable and sad. I’m sad and miserable.

Copyright:  Hung Chung Chih/Shutterstock.comWell, dear heart; what is it to be? Will you sit in doom and gloom, or will you allow the lighter energies to have their way?

It is always a choice, dear one.

We hope that you choose a brighter note; however, as has been said, this is always a choice...

(Life isn’t always easy; this is true. For some of us life is easier, for others not so easy. However, we can adjust ourselves to the time and allow whatever conditions are surrounding us, to prevail. This doesn’t mean having a defeatist attitude and allowing ourselves to sink in the mire. No, we don’t want to do this any more than put our heads in a smouldering fire. And yet, for most of us, this is what we do; metaphorically speaking. We sit, or wrap ourselves up in blankets and allow the doom and gloom to cover us. Yes, this is indeed what some of us do. Then, when the cloud has passed we jump back into life and begin again. Up, down, up, down.

There is a better way to handle life’s problems. Being mindful that life is a series of ups and downs allows us to ‘accept’ that life is full of ups and downs. This attitude is hard to find however, once found it brings a calming with it. Once we ‘accept’ life, on its terms, we no longer need to hide from it. Yes, acceptance is the key (there are many more) however, the first key is acceptance that life has its ups and its downs.

And so it is that when we find ourselves attracted to the magnificent Panda we may care to ask ourselves; are we fighting and resisting life’s ups and downs or are we accepting that there will be ups and downs?)

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Panther (Black Leopard)

You've got it wrong, dear friend. The world is not round, no it isn't.

I'll argue that 'til I'm black and blue. Yes I will.

(It would seem that those of us (myself included) who admire this grand creature are subject to standing up for ourselves; right or wrong. We do not approve of others insisting that they ‘prove their point’. Whether, or not, they are correct, is of no consequence. It is fairness and justice we wish for. No amount of arguing will coerce us into believing much of what they say. Unfortunately, they have ‘dug their own graves’, so to speak, by endeavouring to argue. This is folly to individuals such as me. We do not appreciate attitudes and understandings being shoved down our throats. We would much prefer a calm resolve to include as much detail as is necessary, and then leave it up to us to make a judgment.

Therefore, there is little that one can do to change a Panther lover’s heart, or mind. State your case and vamoose if you do not want the wrath of the Panther personality reducing you to a wimp like imbecile. That’s right. Get out before the Panther personality rips you to shreds. We have powerful bodies, and they cater to a powerful mind. No nonsense; thank you very much…… You heard me; vamoose!

Well, my friends, it would seem that we have a predilection for justice, and with a strong moral code. Being one of those who admire this creature, I am pleased to know this. I was a little afraid, at the start, that I was feeling the energies of a bully. Phew; thanks guys; I’ve enjoyed this one too.)

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Wee Willy Winkie runs through the town; upstairs and downstairs in his dressing gown. Are you mad at me? Please don’t be. I don’t like it if you’re mad at me.

(Why do we worry so much? Why do we worry at all? If we were meant to worry we would have been given a worry gene. Oh, wait a minute! A worry gene! Could it be so? Could it be true? Have we a worry gene? Indeed t’is true. A ‘worry’ gene there is; to be found in the future, my friends.

For those of us who suffer from the ‘worry’ gene, there is a simple remedy.


Yes, simple! And what is the remedy? The remedy is to stop and desist from worrying.

Sounds good however; I don’t think that would be very simple.

No, indeed it is not very easy to do however; it is the simple remedy.

And how can we put this simple remedy into practise?

Well, dear one, that is very simple; not easy however; very simple.

Firstly; all things are achieved by becoming ‘aware’ of them. Do you agree with that statement? If you do, then well and good. If you do not; well, my friend, we cannot help you.

However; for all of those who are in agreement we say:

Take that bull (errr pig) by the horns (errm ears) and throw it up against the nearest wall. No, dear friends, we do not agree with animal cruelty; no indeed. However; in this case we shall use the proverbial throwing of the bull against the wall to demonstrate the means of casting away our worries.

Therefore, my friends, we have ‘named’ the worry. We have ‘decided’ that the worry must go, and we have ‘cast it away’.

Right; that’s done.

Are you saying that now that we have named the worry, and decided that we do not want to worry, and that we have cast it away that now we shall be free of the worry?

Yes and no. Yes, we have named it, decided we no longer want it, and cast it out. This does not mean that it won’t return, dear one. Oh no, the worry has a mind of its own (so to speak) and will return to trouble us.

And what should we do when it returns?

Go through the entire procedure again, my friend; for as long as it takes to realise that worrying is not the cure. No, my friends; worrying is not the cure for what ails. Taking that bull by its horns (or in this case, the pig by its ears) and casting it out, is but a short-term solution. The real (and long-term solution) is discovering, by this method, that worrying is not the solution. We shall explain:

By placing certain mental energies upon the problem/worry we learn to correctly ‘identify’ the worry. In so doing we agree (mentally) that to worry is not the solution. This ‘objectivity’ allows us to simplify the concern and, by means of the gained ‘objectivity’ toward the worry comes an even greater energy upon which to place our thoughts.

And what is this ‘greater energy’?

This ‘greater energy’ is the energy of reason, my friend; and reason allows us the space to find a solution.

As said; this is simple and yet not so easy……..)

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Polar Bear

A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go. Hi-ho the dairy'o; a hunting we will go.

Much has been said over the years About Aging Backwards bears; their strength; their ferocity; their cunning; their ability to stand still in the face of danger.

It's all true. We are strong, we are brave, we have the ability to defend ourselves, and those we love.

Oh yes; you would do well to look at me; my strengths; my abilities.

(Proud; oh yes, we are proud Proud of our achievements; proud of our understanding; proud of our togetherness. Does this surprise? Yes? Well be that as it may, it is true. Pride is not a dirty word, you know. To be proud means to admire. Yes, it does. To admire; means to be aware that one has the ability to project oneself into one’s environment with gusto. Yes, it does. To project oneself into one’s environment with force and positivity; is this not a force for good? Indeed, it is. We have much to say and much to do; we Polar Bear types. Do we shrink from a cause? Indeed not. Do we battle for the highest good? Indeed we do. Why? I’ll tell you why. Because this is the right thing to do. Easy. For no other reason than it is the right thing to do; and we Polar Bear types like to do the right thing; for no other reason than it is ‘the right thing to do'. Simple.

Yes, my friends; Polar Bear types are ever out to accomplish. Not just any accomplishment; oh no, not for the Polar Bear type. He/she wants to achieve monumental things. And what are monumental things? That’s easy. Monumental things are the quality which abounds in this personality. They are things like inner strength of conviction. Eternal adherence to that which is good and right. Making sacrifices. Yes, that’s right. The Polar Bear type will lay down his all for that which is ‘better’.)

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Well, hi there..!  How be you today, my good friend. Would you like some company?

(Yes, this little creature loves company. He generally behaves in a fashion that would suggest he likes his own company.

However, do not be fooled, dear friends. No, do not be fooled by his outward actions, for indeed this little fellow does not like to be alone.

There are many like this; are there not? Indeed, this is true.

There are many who, like the possum prefer not to be alone, and yet they can be seen alone. Yes, this happens to many. They prefer company, and yet they 'keep to themselves'.

And, why do they keep to themselves?

This is an easy question to answer.

They keep to themselves because they are afraid.

And, of what are they afraid?

That is right, my dear friends. They are afraid that they will not be liked; and so they keep to themselves.

We all know someone like this; do we not?





The Quokka is a mammal. What is a mammal? A mammal is a warm blooded creature and suckles its young until the child/animal is capable of maintaining itself.


(And this is what the Quokka personality does. It suckles its child until it is ready to maintain life in a fashion that will hold itself in good esteem. However; there are always exceptions to every rule. Are there not? Yes?


Yes, we hear you say; there are always exceptions to every rule. This is truth, dear friends. Look About Aging Backwards you and you will see exceptions here and there; exceptions that prove the rule, dear friends.


Yes, it is the exceptions that prove the rule. How else would we know if a rule was workable? That’s right. We know that a rule is workable by the exceptions that prove it’s workability.


And this is what we would ask of the Quokka personality. Look About Aging Backwards you and see if indeed the rules that you follow are workable. If they are; well and good. If they are not, then we would recommend that you investigate the rule to see if indeed it could be stretched to include other understandings.)


For greater clarification I would like to add the following  scenario to ‘open out’ the reflection a little more in a practical sense.

The individual who requested this reflection enjoys being a Quokka personality in that he suckles individuals in a business sense; educating and training them until they are capable of self-motivation and expertise. However; he is currently in an environment where helping others has become detrimental to him in a variety of ways. Therefore, he now must investigate the condition in which he finds himself in order to ascertain whether or not his fundamental rule of assisting others (in this scenario) is the exception to an otherwise satisfying and workable rule.

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Go away! Please go away.

I don't want to make a nuisance of myself; so please go away!

 (I’m a little shy; you know.

Well, I think you know that…. Yes, I think you know that I’m a little shy; so I’ll tell you some things About Aging Backwards myself you may not know….

Ahemmm, ahemmmm. Right; where shall I start?

Well, I think I’ll start with my favourite things. Yes, that’s a good place to start.

Well, my favourite things…. My favourite things….!

Well, I like to feel cosy. Yes, that can be number 1. I like to feel cosy.

Do you? Do you like to feel ‘cosy’? Yes? Good, that’s one thing we have in common.

Now, number 2. What is my number 2 favourite thing?

I know; I like to have plenty of good things to eat. Do you? Yes? Good; that’s 2 things that we have in common.

Now, number 3. What’s third in my list of favourite things?

I know; I like to take long walks. Yes, that’s right; I like to take long walks. Do you? Yes? Maybe? No?

Well, we may have to disagree on that one. But honestly; how many things there ‘are’ that we both like to do, will certainly outweigh the other side of the ledger.

Don’t you think?

So what is it you are saying?

It’s really very simple.

We represent the energy of likeness; a likeness between you and me. We’re not so very different you see.

We both need rest, food, shelter, clothing; well YOU need clothing.

We need to feel loved. We need to feel needed. We need our happiness to be taken care of.


Yes, happiness. We all need to take care of our ‘happiness’; who will if we don’t?

So, yes we need to take care of our ‘happiness’.

So you see; we’re not so different really. The bottom line is ‘the bottom line’ for each and every one of us.

No, we are not so very different after all.)

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Raccoon (General)

Imagine the scene

(The music) Bee Gees ~ Massachusetts…

The lights all went down in Massachusetts. They bring me back to …

(A vision)

One Raccoon; one five-piece band; one microphone; one Raccoon swooning into the mike.

 A would be star; a performer; a hopeless romantic!


And this is the adorable quality of the Raccoon personality.

Yes, my friends, for those who enjoy the antics of this active nocturnal creature, we say:

Allow the love you feel for life; yes indeed.

Allow the beauty of that which you feel within to shine; that is right, dear friend.

Allow all the loveliness inside to be seen. For, dear heart, yours is a love so deep, indeed. Yours is a love so wide; all could bathe in the light of your love.


Do we understand? Indeed we do. Do we herald that which is yours? Indeed we do, dear friend.

Know that we know. Know that others know; that is right, dear heart.

Know that you are known for that which lies within, and, do allow your light to shine……..


Red Panda

Once upon a time, long, long ago, in the land of dreams,

there happened to be a need for something interesting to come his way.

It did, many times, but he was so busy that he didn't notice it, and it went away!

(So what is the moral to this story? Look around you, visit the unknown, pamper yourself with dreams and their future.

What. What do you say? Yes, I agree with you it’s hard to see the future however, if you don’t dream what good’s a future? If you don’t take that jump into life; what good’s a future? If you don’t crave for something better; what good’s a future?

Yes, we cannot know what the future has in store for us. No; this is certainly true. Does this mean that we just sit About Aging Backwards doing nothing; thinking nothing; being without a dream?

Yes? Do you really feel that way? Then I am sorry for you my friend. I am sorry because to be without a dream is to be in a very forlorn state; is it not? Is it not a sense of destitution when we are without a dream? Yes; indeed this is true. Without our own private dream we are like ships wandering aimlessly on a sea of aloneness.

Yes, my friend. Do you want to be alone? Yes. Well this is what you shall have.

A dream; that is all it takes to be a part of the whole.

“The whole?”  I hear you say. Yes, that’s right; the whole. And what is the whole? It is that which you join when you have a dream. It is your birthright to be a part of the whole of mankind. Not alone. Not without a dream.

No, we do not wish this for you my friend. We want to see you as one with the whole; enjoying your dream; your independent dream; a dream that, if you will allow, will take the rest of your life to fulfill. That’s right.

And now; do you have a dream, my friend? Yes. That is very good. Do you have a dream, my friend? No.

Well my dear friends; it would seem that the Red Panda represents mankind’s individual need to have a dream; a purpose; a goal towards which we can work. Without a dream; a purpose; a goal, we are like shifting sand; never quite stable; never quite secure; never quite feeling the strength that we can feel should we have a dream; a purpose; a goal toward which to work.)

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I don’t want to hurt anyone; really that’s not my way. I haven’t a mean bone in my body; as they say.

But you wouldn’t want to mess with me (when the chips are down) because I shall defend myself; and I’ll wear the crown.

(Left on my own I am a delightful being; it is only when I am ‘near’ others; in ‘sight’ of others; in the ‘company' of others; in-between; around; amidst; you get my drift; that ‘you’ need to watch your p’s and q’s. Indeed.

This is not to say that I am mean; oh no, that isn’t me. I am not mean; I am just ornery; that I am. Mean and ornery are definitely two different energies; wouldn’t you say?

Mean is an angry (not to be liked) energy. That it is. Ornery is a beast of a different stature; indeed this is so.

And this ‘ornery’ applies to me; indeed it does. And what is ‘ornery’? It is a mixture of energy; a mixture of many energies, indeed. Let me just look it up in the Oxford dictionary…!  

Ornery: bad tempered or difficult to deal with. That’s what it said; bad tempered or difficult to deal with.

Well, perhaps this is true. Hmmmmm, bad tempered…..! Hmmmmm. Yes, I’d say that this is true….. Hmmmmm. Hmmmmm. Bad tempered….. Oh dear; do you know, I believe that this isssss true. Oh dear; I have never thought of it in this way. Bad tempered…..? Well, you know, I do ‘let off steam’ very often; but then it’s always somebody else’s fault. That’s right. It’s always somebody else who makes me ‘have’ to ‘let off steam’. If it wasn’t for them then life would be pretty darn good; I’d say. That’s right; it is always somebody else’s fault. I wouldn’t have to ‘let off steam’ but for the actions of others; isn’t this true…..!

Oh good; now I feel much better. I was beginning to think….. no, it couldn’t be me…..!

…..And the other? What was the other term that the Oxford (oh yes, it has to be the Oxford….!; is there any other?) Where was I? Oh yes, the ‘other’ term…….. ‘Difficult to deal with’. Yes, that’s right; it said ‘difficult to deal with’. Right. Let me think this one through.

The Oxford (and therefore this is correct); the Oxford said that ornery meant ‘difficult to deal with’. Hmmmmm. Hmmmmm.

I am ‘something’ of importance. That’s it. I am ‘something of importance’ that needs to be dealt with…..

Well, I haven’t really ever thought of myself as ‘important’; but if that is what the Oxford dictionary says then I guess it must be true.

Yes my friends; the Rhino type can twist and meander their way through life never quite seeing the reality of themselves and how they ‘react’ to others. Indeed they have ‘blinkers’ on most of the time. They will convert almost any situation to their advantage and; sorry to say; never quite see themselves as they really are. A great shame; because along with many of their virtues is the ability to see others in a more genuine fashion. Seems a contradiction. Yes, generally we see others as ‘mirrors’ but not this individual. For the most part the Rhino personality points one finger at you quite clearly however, those pointing back at him remain clouded with his false opinion of himself.)      

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Rooster (General)  

This is my day, yes it is! 

It is my day and I’m going to make the most of it…!  Yes, indeed.

(This is ‘your’ day; are you going to make the most of it? I certainly hope so.

Take a leaf from my book and let yourself crow…. Go on….  Let yourself crow away into the day.

That’s right!  Let yourself be heard this day. In fact, let yourself be heard everyday of your life.

Why? You ask why!

Why not, my friend? Why not!!!)


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