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Animals  -  What Do Your Favourite Animals Say About Aging Backwards You?

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Animals reflect our behaviour.  Which animal do you like, think About Aging Backwards, see often, feel a closeness to, have a kinship with?  See if it is in our directory below.



Mammoth (Woolly)   

Image Credit:  Pi-Lens/

What a catch; you’ll see…!

(Yes, for those of us interested in times past the Mammoth presents us with many things to ponder.

We who love things of times past are a creative lot.

 We use our imaginations for most things; do we not? Indeed we do.

Our imaginings take up a great deal of our time. Do they not? Indeed my friends.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. A great imagination is worth two realities…. Confused?

Yes, a little.

Our imagination serves many purposes. It comforts us when we are in need. It allows us a wider scope when life is limited. It opens to us a world that is not seen by others.

No, dear friends; the Mammoth is a being of imagination. It is a light in an otherwise dark day. Not the Mammoth; as such. No dear friends; it is not the Mammoth that brings light to our minds, no; it is what the Mammoth reflects. That’s right. And what does the Mammoth reflect? It reflects all good things to those whose imaginings serve this ‘higher purpose’.)

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Image Credit: Tom_Reichner/

Lazy little thing. You’re a lazy thing.

Wasting your time doing lazy things.

(Every so often we come across something or someone who can reflect to us how we feel. There are many of us who are lazy; and the Marmot is an extreme example of laziness.

He/she (the Marmot personality) will do all it can to avoid ‘work’ of any nature.

He/she will waste time doing things that are not productive in order to ‘get out of’ doing things that are productive. A great shame because the energy expanded doing unproductive things could be better utilised in the other direction.

So then, we have created a premise from which now to view the Marmot reflection.

If the energy utilised for non—productive use could be utilised for productive use, many things would be achieved. So what then is the underlying attitude of the Marmot personality that prevents them from doing productive things?

Indeed, this is a question for all of those individuals who find that they are, or are becoming ‘lazy’. What is your underlying attitude to your laziness? Could it be that you doubt your prowess. Or, perhaps you don’t like doing some things because you feel compelled to do them for someone else. Perhaps you would rather sit out of learning? Perhaps learning was not a good experience for you. Perhaps, a teacher treated you unwisely. There are many ‘perhaps’ when we talk About Aging Backwards this experience of being lazy.

No one has the right to judge you; no, this is correct. No one has the right to an opinion of why you are lazy. The reasons are as individual as there are individuals.

What I would say to you then is; should you wish to investigate the reasons for your laziness you could sit quietly and allow your thoughts to wander. That’s right. Allow your thoughts to wander to your childhood; that’s where most attitudes are formed. That’s right. Now that you are here at your childhood; allow your thoughts to wander to those whose lives affected you most. That’s right. Now, can you see a connection or two that may prove to be the origin of your laziness? Yes? Perhaps?

I shall leave you there with your investigation, with the hope that you many find the connection. For when the connection is found you may feel less inclined to waste that precious time, and do as I know you would really like to do.)

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Image Credit: Ecoprint/

Look About Aging Backwards! Look About Aging Backwards!  Look out, for there are predators About Aging Backwards!

Yes, my friend, it is a time to look out, for there are those who do not have your best interest at heart.

You would be wise to refrain from action, at this point in time, and allow the dust to settle. When it has settled, in a day or two, you will see more clearly the action that needs to be taken.

(When in life we do anything, there are always going to be those who will agree, and those who will not agree. This is life as a human being; we cannot break this habit, for this is as we are, indeed.

We are all capable of agreeing and disagreeing. We will never totally agree with each and everyone. No, that is an impossibility. It is an impossibility because we all view our experiences from the vantage point of our own particular experiences. Simple enough….!

Having said that, it needs to be noted that to have agreement, albeit a wonderful idea in theory, is not a practical nor interesting approach to life and the wonders that life holds for each as an individual experiencing. No, it is a good thing that there is disagreement to a certain point. We all agree on that!?   (A little attempt at humour!!!) :D

Having reached an agreement of sorts we would like to speak now upon the energy of the Meerkat. His energy represents, not the state of normal disagreement, but a state of utter cataclysmic disagreement.

Beware the Meerkat when he is in this frame of mind, he will devour you indeed. We are speaking of an event to come, dear one. The meerkat will have his way in the not too distant future. Utter disagreement on all sides will be the case. There will be an abundance of disagreement; from the roots up, indeed it will. And what shall we do About Aging Backwards this disagreement? Nothing. That’s right, nothing. We shall let all disagreement have its way, and do nothing. No, nothing. This is the way to handle disagreement. Do nothing… Let it pass…. Let it have its time, and then let it go to where all disagreement goes. And to where does disagreement go? Easy…… Disagreement goes nowhere. That’s right. It goes nowhere. Just like agreement, it is just an energy. Let it go. What does it matter? What good will it do to worry; to be concerned? No, let it go, and all will be well..)

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Mice  (General)

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Dear Reader: I held my breath - felt enormous anger - refused to think About Aging Backwards the cause, and continued holding my breath till the energy left me.

Then came the words:

WHAT About Aging Backwards ME, HUH ? WHAT About Aging Backwards ME, YEAH ?

NO ONE THINKS About Aging Backwards ME, YEAH. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN. WHAT About Aging Backwards ME ?

(Well, it’s not often that we feel this way, however, when we do it just simply is not right….! And this is what the Mouse depicts; a situation that is just not right.

Often times in life we are surrounded by things that we do not agree with. Isn’t this so? Yes; in a lot of incidences this happens. We become surrounded by things that we do not agree with. And what should we do when this happens?

If we are like the mouse we will take this energy upon ourselves and fret and worry and be concerned. Will we not? Yes; this is generally what we do when confronted with such a situation. However, there are better ways of dealing with such things.

Firstly, we can pretend that these situations do not exist….. Yes, we can ‘put our head in the sand’ and pretend that these disturbances are not really happening. Yes sir’ee… this we can.

Secondly; we can accept that these things are happening and agree not to agree. Yes, that’s another way of treating such situations.

Thirdly; we can agree not to agree and ‘keep it to ourselves’…. Yes, this is another way of treating such conditions.

Or, we can get all hot and bothered and rant and rave and get ‘our knickers in a knot’. Yes, this is certainly another way of treating such things.

Now; which shall I choose? Will I choose to rant and rave? Or will I choose to accept the situation and ‘keep it to myself’? Hmmmmmm; rant and rave or accept?

But what About Aging Backwards ‘having a voice’? I want to have my say on this situation.

Yes; it is our right to have a say; is it not? Indeed it is. However, what type of voice do we want to have? Do we want a voice that rants and raves? Or do we want a reasoned voice of calm?

This is our choice, as always… And, would we want to let this unique privilege go? No, I think not. However, I think that I want to be reasoned and calm. Yes, reasoned and calm sounds like a good way to go. Don’t you think?)

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Monkey (General) 

Image Credit:  Rob Hainer /

What say we have a piece of cake?  Yeah… Let’s say we have a piece of cake and then we can have another piece of cake…  Yeah!  Why Not? Why can’t we have one piece of cake or two pieces of cake or however many we want? Yeah!  I think that’s a wonderful idea…. Don’t you?

(Well, yes and no! One piece of cake, providing it’s a very good piece of cake, would probably suffice, wouldn’t you say?

No, I wouldn’t…!

Why not?

‘Cause one piece of cake just isn’t enough; now is it?

As I’ve said: If it’s a very ‘good’ piece of cake then one piece should be sufficient.


If it is a very good piece of cake it should satisfy us.


If one piece of cake fills our senses, satisfies our needs, is gloriously wonderful to the taste buds; then this should be sufficient for us. It is only when one piece of cake does not satisfy our needs that we want more. Yes?

Well, yes and no! I want more and more if it’s good. I want to eat it till I can’t eat another morsel.

Yes; I understand that. However; don’t you think that it would be a wonderful thing to spare yourself the tummy ache and the headache that you may suffer should you eat ‘til you drop, so to speak?


Well, my friend; if I have to go on explaining this to you then perhaps you are not ready to meet the divider..

And who is the divider?

The divider, my friend, is he who adjusts himself to the expectations of moderation.

Moderation! What’s moderation?

Moderation, my friend, is that friend who is always there waiting for us to meet again. For, when we meet this dear friend, moderation, we can be sure that he will always be there.)

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Image Credit: wildnerdpi/

Hi there!.. ‘Just as cute as a moose’. A favourite saying of mine.

‘Just as cute as a moose’. It’s worth repeating don’t you think?

A need to think a little more ‘kindly’ About Aging Backwards yourself. You are doing the best that can be done under the circumstances.

Yes, there is always room for a little self analysis; if it is of a positive vibe. However, to feel constantly self critical is another animal, so to speak.

Lighten up, and see the positives. 

(Well, well, my friend….. So you see the negatives a little more than the positive values; yes? Yes, many do that, don’t they? It’s easier to see the negative; it takes a little more energy to work our way through to the positives of any situation. It is easier to dwell on the negative and yet; is it? For to dwell on the negative leads only in one direction; backwards, yes that’s right. And do we want to go backwards? I think not.

However, to think About Aging Backwards the positives, as has been said, takes a little more effort, to be sure. And why does it take more effort? I’ll tell you….. That’s right. It takes more energy to think positively because we, as humans, are geared to work from the negative. That’s right. We have been structurally geared to work from the negative. Yes, that’s right. We have been ‘geared’ to work from the negative from time immemorial; that is so.

We humans are geared to work from the negative because that is how we, as spirit, have ordained it.


Yes, we as spirit have disclosed this to you this day….

We, spirit, have organised this experience to be of the negative vibe; to date. That is; the majority of happenings within this experience (namely, the earth experience) has been created upon the premise of negativity.

This is so, my dear friends.

Many are beginning to understand this statement. However, for the purpose of this reflection we shall imagine that each and everyone reading, and or listening, will have reached the clarity necessary for this information to be understood.

We, as spirit, have created the earth experience to be one ‘mostly’ of negativity; until now. That is correct. Until now the premise for the earth experience (i.e., as a human experiencing) has been built upon the premise of ‘negativity’.

 And now?

Now this is going to change.

And to what shall it be changed?

It is to be changed to the experience of a ‘soul’ creating perfection. That is so.

Your soul is the rightful commander.

For those who insist on going with us and partaking of the new adventure, we say ‘welcome’; welcome to the new adventure that will become the norm for humans experiencing upon the earth experience.

We shall speak upon this matter more and more as we progress through the reflections.)

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Image Credit: varandah/

When oh when will they listen! Why oh why do they continue to see through stained eyes!

Oh yes my friends, so many do not see; although they have eyes.

(Bother; that’s what they say. Bother, bother, bother.

Don’t they appreciate that I am a being too? Don’t they see that I am ‘flesh and blood’? Why of why do they refuse to see that I have feelings too? Is it a game perhaps? Yes, that’s perhaps the way they look at life; those who refuse to see me as flesh and blood. Yes, perhaps they refuse to see me as flesh and blood because they cannot see themselves as flesh and blood.

That’s right. We can only do for others as we can do for ourselves. That’s right my dear, dear friends. We can only do for others as we perceive these things being done for ourselves.

 Shame, isn’t it, that so many do not care for themselves; as is evident in their treatment of others. Shame……)

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Image Credit: CCat82400/

The Okapi personality is one that needs no introduction. In fact, please do not introduce the Okapi personality if you know what is good for you.

(They, the Okapi personality is one that envisages itself in a way that others don’t. Confused? Yes? No? I think the ayes have it; and no wonder. If you know an Okapi personality you will know that this personality will ensure that it is known. Oh yes, dear friends. The Okapi personality will put itself forward, it does not need you to do this.

The Okapi personality will have its way regardless of your thoughts, or the thoughts of the majority. You see, dear ones, the Okapi personality will venture into areas unknown. This it will, dear friends. It will venture into areas unknown and have little regard for the consequences. It shall meander here and meander there. It will squabble About Aging Backwards having the right to do whatever it wishes to do. However; dear friends; know that the Okapi personality will not give to you the same rights.

Do you understand now, dear ones? Do you understand the Okapi personality?

Have no fear however; know that you are dealing with a recalcitrant personality who shall make you suffer should you interfere in what they believe to be a personal right.

Better to leave the scene, dear one, then to try to ‘mix it’ with a nature as obstinate as this.)

Catch me if you can. Now you see me. Now you don’t.

There is a time for coming and going, for evolving, for resting; however, now is the time for quick movement away from the oncoming danger.

 Be as the otter and dart About Aging Backwards with great agility in order to confuse your foe!

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Image Credit: kletr/

Catch me if you can. Now you see me. Now you don’t.

There is a time for coming and going; for evolving, for resting. However, now is the time for quick movement away from the oncoming danger….. Be as the otter and dart About Aging Backwards with great agility in order to confuse your foe!

(Watch your back, my dear friend; some may not care for what you do…

This is a timely reminder, dear friend:

Don’t allow your good nature to cause you future distress. Yes, we all know that it would be wonderful should all within the world see as clearly as we see. However, dear one, that is just not the case. We must not close our eyes to the distressing aspects of our world. Granted, we need not partake of the energies of anger, jealousy; indeed vehemence in any of its forms. However, we do need to protect ourselves from those elements, lest we see our otherwise enjoyable state of mind deliberately abused.

We must put an end to our childishness. We must put away our toys. We must allow ourselves to grow-up, and see that all is not well in our world. As has been said:

We need not partake of the energies abounding in the, shall we say, negative vibration. Yes, let us call those energies ‘negative vibrations’. Indeed, we do not want to see those, whose experience this time upon earth is to visit with and enjoy the lighter vibrations, placing themselves in an energy that has no part to play in their experience. This (allowing oneself to enter vibrations not meant for one’s experience) will occur should the role player not allow himself/herself to appreciate the harmful effects upon themselves that could ensue, should they not be wise.

We hope that this proves valuable to you, dear friend. Better to see all with a balanced eye, than not to see and become one of the abused.)


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