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Animals  -  What Do Your Favourite Animals Say About Aging Backwards You?

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Animals reflect our behaviour.  Which animal do you like, think About Aging Backwards, see often, feel a closeness to, have a kinship with?  See if it is in our directory below.



Kangaroo  (Grey)      

Image Credit: Jiri Haureljuk/

Pure bred, that’s for sure.

Pure bred, and what’s more.

Pure bred that’s me hee-hee, hee-hee.

 (Pure bred; yes that’s me. I have a purity that you cannot see; that is so my friend. Beneath this exterior lies a heart of gold. You may not see it; I don’t show it to all. No, I don’t show it to all because all are not capable of seeing it, and I do not want to shine when it is not seen. To explain: I am also quite a show-off. Yes, that is right. I am also a show-off who loves to perform. However, I do not show-off to all and sundry, no; I show-off to those who will admire me. Only to those who will admire my qualities. And, further to that, I ‘know’ who has the innate quality of understanding. Yes, that is right. I understand who has the innate quality of perception. Yes, again I say, that is right.

Not all have this quality, and I am not going to waste my time showing-off to those with an inability to appreciate my qualities. No, indeed not. Why oh why would I want to waste my qualities on those who will be none the wiser? This is the way that it is. Straight down the middle…..

Well, this reflection, like most, has been a surprise to me. Knowing this will help me to understand some whose personalities, in this regard, have been a mystery to me. Already I can see a number of individuals who share this aspect of personality; truly a great insight for me. I hope that it is for you too.)

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Image Credit: rickyd/

I thirst. I hunger.

(And for what do I hunger…? A leaf here, a leaf there… And what are leaves? They are life my friend. I hunger for life. I hunger for everything associated with being alive. I yearn to live. I yearn to have all those things that interest me. And what interests me? Why everything; everything interests me. I love to enjoy all of the fruits of life, so to speak. I sit and I yearn. I yearn to absorb all About Aging Backwards me. I yearn to do all things. I can’t though; you see that’s just not me. I yearn to do these things, indeed I do. However, I’m not in a position to be able to do all things; not yet. But someday; someday I’ll take that bull by the horns and go out into the world and do all those things that I yearn to do. Until then, I’ll sit and wait for life to bring those things to me. That’s what I’ll do; I’ll sit and wait for life to bring me those things. Won’t I? Or will I need to take stock of myself? Yes, do I need to stock of myself? Perhaps that’s what I need to do. Or perhaps I need to take stock of myself and go and get those things for which I yearn. Hey;….. perhaps that’s it. Perhaps…... Hmmmmmmm it is quite cosy here. I don’t have anything to do; right? Hmmmmmmm..

Perhaps our friend the Koala personality needs a little more ‘get up and go’ to get up and get into life. He/she certainly would like to be able to do all of the wonderfully exciting things that life has to offer. However, there appears to be a little vacillating going on which prevents the Koala personality from taking chances; taking risks. Indeed this is a little sad for the Koala personality, for with a little more thought (and strength of conviction) all of his/her yearnings could be satisfied.)

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Image Credit: neal-cooper/

How are you? Never mind the rat race; it won’t go away!

Never mind the things that bother you; they won’t go away! 

Better to accept all things; don’t rebel, don’t object.

Better to remain at peace; at peace where you do best.


There are those times when all we need to do is to ‘accept’.

 It won’t mean sacrificing your integrity; it simply means allowing others to think and do as they see fit.

(Halleluiah brother; that means that if I let you live your life, you’ll let me live mine..!

No? What do you mean? You won’t let me live mine!  Well…. tough! That’s what I say. Tough! I don’t care what you say; I’m gonna live my life how I want to, and if you don’t care for that you can go and sit on a cactus, for all I care. That told him; yeah!  @#$??!@#@…

Seriously though; what does it matter? What does it matter what anyone else thinks? We’ll never all fully agree; that’s an impossibility. We may come close to agreeing; however, the reasons for the agreement will be based on similar, yet not the same reasons. There will always be slight variances of thought between us; based on the fact that our lives run similarly; however; not the same course.

The best that we can hope for is a tolerance and acceptance of our differences. This is all that is available to us. When we can accept these facts we can allow the differences, and even enjoy them.

And so, my friends; see your friends, your partner, your foes as different to yourself yet with complete knowledge that the difference can be the very fact that has allowed you their presence in your life. You may find, even with your foes, that the difference between you is not so very vast after all.)

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Image Credit: Volodymyr Burdiak/

Well, well, well. So you think you know all that there is to know?

Huh, that's what I say; huh.

If you think that you know 'all that there is to know', then tell me; go on, tell me.

I bet that you don't know everything!

You should look inside your own cupboard before you look into others; that's for sure.

(Many of us do that; don't we! We take a gander into the lives of others, and allow our own lives to meander here and there.

What do we mean by this?

It is simple, dear ones. We look into the lives of others; yes, we put our noses into the laundry of others and watch them get dirty.

“Oh,” we hear you say. “We do not do this...!”

Oh yes, my friends; we do, do this; indeed we do.

We are all guilty of this; it is a simple human trait that we all share; the trait of being 'nosey'.

“Oh,” we here you say again. “We do not do this!”

And yet, dear friends; we know that with a little quiet contemplation you will begin to see where your nose is looking into the laundry basket of others, whilst your own laundry may need a clean.

That's right, my dear friends. Our laundry may need a clean.

Once this is done, and we understand why our laundry gets soiled we may not care to investigate the laundry habits of others. This shall be the result of understanding and compassion for the myriad ways that we each soil our clothing. Indeed.)

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Image Credit: rob-hainer/

Had a nasty thing happen yesterday; something; somewhere; somehow.

Heard a rumour; it wasn’t good. These things happen somehow.

Thought I knew what life was About Aging Backwards; guess I’m not so smart.

Heard a nasty rumour yesterday.

(What’s in a name; a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. How true are these words? Indeed, they send a timely message. A message that each of us need to hear. And what is this message? It is a message of remembering. Of remembering who we are and what we are doing here. Is it not?

Firstly; what’s in a name? Everything; everything is in a name. Yours, mine, theirs; they all mean so much to us. And what happens when our names are sullied? Why, everything; everything happens when our names are sullied. Do they not? We feel gutted; we feel betrayed; we feel that we’d like to crawl away and hide. And why do we feel this way? We feel this way because our name means everything. Yes, everything.

Rumours are created when someone sullies our name. That’s right. Were it not for a name we would not feel the brunt of their vehemence, so to speak. If it were not for our name we might avoid the hurt and unjustness of the slant of tongue.

Yes, my friend, our name is everything.) 


Llama (1)

Image Credit: Gargonia/

One, two, three, four

All in together; let’s open the door.

Five, six, seven, eight

One more for company; it’s never too late..!

(And this is what we would like to tell you About Aging Backwards the wonderful world of the Llama.

Llamas have been around for a year or two; have they not? Indeed, my friends. Llamas have been around for many a year.

So too, those who find joy in the company of the beautiful Llama. They (those who enjoy the Llama) have been around. Indeed. They have been around; up and down; even inside out..! 

Does this surprise, dear hearts? Yes? No?

We shall continue.

Those who adore the Llama are those who (in general) have seen their fair share of life.

And, what is life?

Life, my friend, is a mixture of variables. Indeed it is.

Life can be for some, pleasant and gay. For others it can be damnation. Indeed, ’tis true.

For others there can be heartache, or not heartache; melancholy, or not melancholy; romance, or not romance; you get the drift.

For those souls who enjoy the delights to be found in the company of the wondrous Llama, there will be a mixture of all that ‘life’ has to offer.

Oh yes, my friends. He/she will have tasted many of life’s mixture, to be sure.)


Llama (2)

Hello there; you with the stars in your eyes. Love never made a fool of you; you used to be too wise.

And now; you are allowing the stars to hide your view! Better take a closer look or two.

Yes, that's what we say; take a 'closer' look. Don't want to be the last to know!

(Sometimes we can do this; can’t we? We can walk around with our eyes closed; so to speak. And why do we do this? We can do this because sometimes we don’t want to see. That is right my friends. We would rather not see some of the things that are happening around us. And why do we do this? We do this for a multitude of reasons.

Some of us prefer not to see the truth; this we do to protect ourselves. Naturally, we are not protecting ourselves by having an attitude such as this however; we ‘think’ that we are protecting ourselves, and will continue to behave in this manner regardless of the obvious.

Some of us have a need to shelter from the harsh realities of life. Some of us need to be encased in a feeling of denial so as to feel more comfortable within.

Many of us refuse to see the reality before us because of the thought process needed to evaluate the condition. This requires effort; and some do not want to invest the energy needed for such musings.

There are indeed a multitude of reasons for this behaviour; as stated. However; this behaviour is certain to cause widespread damage throughout our lives. It may seem harmless to allow ourselves to take shelter (for whatever reason) from the truth; however dear friends, this will most certainly end in harm being done.)

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