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Animals  -  What Do Your Favourite Animals Say About Aging Backwards You?

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Animals reflect our behaviour.  Which animal do you like, think About Aging Backwards, see often, feel a closeness to, have a kinship with?  See if it is in our directory below.




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Hatred deep inside. Got to get it out. Don’t know why I feel hatred inside?

There is a need, dear heart, to investigate the inner working once again.

Why carry such pain around with you when it is soooo easy to let it go. That’s right. It is soooo easy to let it go.

Just ask us, dear heart; and we will assist in the removal of the pain that you carry within your mind. Just ask, dear one; and if you are sincere in your desire to be free, then so be it.

(Better you than me, right? Only kidding! No, I don’t want you to have any pain. Know how I got rid of mine? I asked; yep, that’s right. I asked; simple as that. Well, getting rid of all the pain wasn’t easy; yet it was simple.

How did I do it? Well, I asked The Collective Consciousness for help. Oh sure, I knew them for a while before I asked. Oh yeah, I learned to trust them first. Yeah sure, it took some years to trust them. I made them ‘put their money where their mouths were’ first, before I gave it a go. You see, I had a lot of rubbish to offload. Life had handed me a lot of rubbish to begin with and I didn’t enjoy carrying it all around. Heavy!

So what did I do? I’ll tell you. Once I got to know them (The C.C. that is) I was invited to hand over all of my woes to them, so to speak. It didn’t take long before I realised I was improving. And what do I mean by ‘improving’? Well, I started to be able to think upon my past without all the anger, the pain, the torment, the feelings of rejection; yes, I started to ‘let go’ of all the negative vibrations, you could say.

Yeah sure, I needed to do a lot of the work myself. I had to do 51% they said. 51% didn’t seem a bad thing to me. I only had to do 51% of the work and they would take away the rest; gratis. That didn’t seem such a bad agreement. So I agreed.

It started pretty much straight away. I found things, things that had been eating me up all of my life coming to the surface for me to have a look at; terrible things that had haunted me all of my life. If you’ve read any of my Spiritual Experiences you can understand the type of things that started to show themselves. I had so much anger inside me, my face could burst. I had so much rejection floating around my cells I wonder how I didn’t drown. I was a shipwreck, that’s for sure.

So I began the process in earnest. It took some years before I was free. I wasn’t a bad person; I was just a person with so much rubbish travelling along by my side, in my head, within my guts, I really don’t know how I managed to stay afloat. However, stay afloat I did and today I am so buoyant it even surprises me….

If you want to find out more you can go to page and start there. What have you got to lose if not a lot of excess baggage; and we all know the price we pay for that; right?)

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Day’s end. Can’t wait for day’s end.


Giving up, dear one? Are you going to give up on living a life that suits you?  It doesn’t have to suit any other person, dear heart; this is true. As long as it suits you.

Think upon this and see if what you want to do, and what others want for you to do, is one and the same. Then think upon the matter of:

Whose life are you living?

(Sometimes we do this, don’t we:  We live the life that others want us to live, which is not necessarily what we may want to do. And why do we do this? Sometimes we do this because we fear not doing this. Sometimes we may feel obligated. And what does obligation lead to? I’ll tell you, dear friend. Obligation leads to a life that we do not necessarily enjoy. It is that simple. Obligation can sometimes be a road to dismay. Indeed this can be true. And why do we feel obligated? Sometimes we can feel obligated when someone does us ‘a good turn’, so to speak. Indeed, when someone does us a good turn, we feel obligated. And what is a good turn? It can be as simple as giving us birth, or it can be as complicated as allowing us to use their material possessions. Indeed, it can be great or small.

Obligation is a ‘double edged sword’ that can lead to dismay. And so, what can we do when we feel obligated? We can think upon this to ensure that it doesn’t prove a double edged sword. We can investigate our feelings to ensure that we are not placing ourselves into a position which shall cause us dismay. For, if we do, are we not doing ourselves an injustice? Yes or no? This is the question that we must pose to ourselves whenever we feel an obligation.)

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Really it's a lovely day for basking in the sun.

But if you go out in the heat, put your skin cream on.

Don’t forget to look after yourself, we all have our needs.

And when life hands you some good, say ‘well done and please’.

 (The Hippopotamus personality is one that ‘takes to heart’ those things that are spoken. Whether or not they are intended to be hurtful or are a ‘throw away line’; the Hippo personality will, alas, take them seriously…

This is a problem for the Hippo personality. He/she can be so subjective; it can be difficult to communicate with them. They will behave in such a hurt fashion because of a sensitivity that is all too common.

When dealing with a Hippo personality is it essential to be aware of the preponderance toward self harm. They, the Hippo personality, will endeavour to persuade you that they are really feeling fine; and yet those tell tale signs of hurt will show themselves.

Be gentle with the Hippo personality; he/she is as gentle and as kind as a leaf blowing in the wind taking the seeds of life to positions upon earth where a new tree can take root. However; this gentleness and kindness has a sharper undertone that is the bane of their existence; it cares little for themselves. It lavishes all of its love and care on others. An honourable trait we may think however; when it is all said and done; charity must begin at home.)

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Horse  (General)

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I feel…. I sense…. I know….. Man thinks little of me. He needs to re-evaluate, doesn’t he? For what good a brain without a heart?

Yes, he would do well to look at me.

Horses, those grand and elegant creatures meant for bringing excellence into the hearts of men. Horses were and are man’s good friends. They have served man well. Have they not? Moreover, their behaviour is not foreign to man. No, dear ones, the horse has mimicked man ad infinitum, and this beauty, this might, is being usurped by the car and other such machinery. Is it not? Man has it in his power to allow or disallow many things. One is to 'hold on high', or to 'make rubbish', and this is what we see with the beauteous qualities of the horse. He is mostly forgotten, mostly forgotten.

We say to man, remember your friends, do not forsake them. Truth is truth is truth is truth. Numbers are dwindling of those who care for the horse kingdom. This brings great sadness to bear upon the kingdom, which has enabled man to survive in quarters where otherwise he would have perished; there be no doubt.

Read on dear ones, and remember the love, the grandiosity of ‘the horse family’.

(We are very fond of saying ‘what grand creatures’ when we look at the very beautifully designed horse. However, many lay forsaken in fields and groves lamenting time past. Are we to share a common goal of excitement and adventure or are we going to allow ‘progress’ to usurp our ‘connection’ with the horse kingdom? Not for some! Some remember and admire and allow the qualities of the horse kingdom to be held on high. Others are not so caring and shame is brought upon them by the cruelty they exert upon our once needed friend.

And so it is that when we are attracted to the horse kingdom we are being asked to remember the finer things in life: Friendship; community; love; generosity; comradery; happiness; the list is subject to each individual’s inner most needs. Yes, my friends, the horse kingdom has much to offer by way of friendship; kinship and a common love for life.)

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I get bad press you know. Could it be my looks? Is there more tome than what one can see? Is there a deeper more personable character that no one knows; just me?

It’s true, I don’t care for silly games; for those things which the masses expect and desire. No, that’s not me. I just want to live my life as it suits me; not bothering anybody, unless they bother me.

 No, I just want to live my life as it suits me, and those I love. Is there something wrong with that?

(What causes me distress is when someone uses my outward appearance to proclaim that I am something that I am not. Yes, this distresses me. 

I am not what you see. I am not what you see, and I am not disposed to show you the real me; for, I do not need to excuse myself, or give you reasons why I am as I am. I am quite happy with myself, thank you very much; and do not require your approval. This is as it is, and shall always be.)

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Ibex  (General)

Today we have the wonderful Ibex to see. And this is what the Ibex personality does; it 'sees'. Yes, this wonderful personality has the innate ability to 'see' those things around it that others fail to see. We shall explain:

(Some personalities close their eyes to their surrounds; they do not want to see. Yes, this is as some personalities are. They do not wish to see because it causes them pain. This is does. It causes them pain to see the reality of their surrounds. This can cause great distress for such personalities. And why does this cause distress? We'll tell you. This causes distress because sooner or later the truth shall dawn upon them, and they will feel bewilderment at their lack of objectivity. This they will. They will feel a lack of objectivity, and this shall cause them distress.

Therefore, it is better to be as the Ibex personality and allow ourselves to see our surrounds as they truly are; not tainted with the brush of deceit nor self deceit. No, dear friends. It is better to see those things that surround us with a clear vision that protects us.

"Protects us," we hear you say!

Yes, my dear friends; seeing those things that surround us with clear intent protects us.

And from what does it protect us?

From our own lack, should we fail to see with clear sight. This is right, dear ones. We are far better protected from our surrounds when we allow the 'truth' to be seen.)


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