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Animals  -  What Do Your Favourite Animals Say About Aging Backwards You?

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Animals reflect our behaviour.  Which animal do you like, think About Aging Backwards, see often, feel a closeness to, have a kinship with?  See if it is in our directory below.




Image Credit: jurra8/

Up we go to the heights. Up we go higher.

Life’s good. It can be better !

(Yeah! You thought that if it didn’t get any better that would be okay. Yeah! Well, my friend let me assure you that life can be sooooo good; it would cause you to re-think that attitude.

I’m telling you bro; life is something that can be even greater; in fact ‘reaching dizzying heights’. You don’t believe me? Honest. You don’t believe me? Okay, I’ve got some questions for you.

Do you believe that you are living life to the full? Yeah! Do you believe that it’s as good as it gets? Yeah! Well I’ll tell you something. Life ‘can’ get better and better and better and better. Yeah. I didn’t think so, either. Some time back I didn’t think so either. But now, bro, I ‘know’ it can continue to get better and better and better and better.

Yeah. I hope that you too will come to know this truth. You have all you need, within you, to achieve this incredible state of aliveness; assurity; inclusion; mental agility; fun; toughness; sweetness; compassion; humility; the list goes on and on. Not that you don’t already possess much of the above. Yeah bro, you have some, that’s for sure. But, there’s so much more.

What is that you say? How do you get it?

Well bro’ that’s the 64 million dollar question. It’s ‘inside’ you. That’s right. It’s there inside you waiting to be found. Sure it takes effort. Sure it takes work. Sure, nothing’s for free. Well, nothing worthwhile, that is. Take a look, go on. Take a look, inside. What do you see? Do you see you, or do you see me?

Yeah sure; riddles are for the birds. But not this riddle; this one’s for you. I’ll give you a hint bro’. When you can truly see you; then you’ll have it.

Yes, it’s true. Life can be better and better and better for those of us who love the little creature Ferret. Give it a go. Allow the energies of the Ferret to have their way. Excitement and adventure await you. These are some of the energies held for those of us who are attracted to him. Enjoy!)

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Fish  (General)

Image Credit: vilainecrevette/

How’s About Aging Backwards going out and finding out what’s what?

Why sit at home wondering, when there’s so much to know; so much to do.

Yes, life can be difficult at times.

However, are we going to take the bull by the horns, or are we going to wither and die?

The choice is always ours.

(So what’s it to be; a life of fulfillment, or a life of hardship and want? That’s our choice.

Yeah sure; we can’t help what our parents have done or not done. We can’t help the looks that we were born with. We have no choice as to our financial upbringing. No these things are not within our control. However, when it comes to today and the choices that we make; they are ours.

Do we want to be subject to our upbringing forever? Do we want to allow our looks to control our destiny? Do we want to hang on to a poverty mindset? Do we want any of the unnecessary developments of mind that have hindered our past to hinder our future?

Yes? No? The choice is ours and ours alone.

Certainly we cannot change our past. We cannot change our looks. We cannot change anything without a great deal of thought, courage and strength to back us up.

Well, what is it to be? Remain the same, or change?

The choice is always ours.)

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Image Credit: andrewastbury/

So much to do, so much to see. Don’t stand still.

I see all that’s About Aging Backwards me for a metre or two, then up I look to see what’s new.

Down again to the left; to the right; over the fence and turn to the right.

Did I hear something? Only just you!

Somewhere up there, is where I want to be; somewhere, somewhere; even there. No, there, there, there or there. Is this where I’m meant to be?

Nervous energy abounding at this point in time. Garner it in else it seize you with its electricity of misfortune. You would do well to sit awhile.

Stop thinking, thinking, thinking; and allow the lighter energies to have their way with you.

That’s right; allow the calmer energies to have their way.  When you do this you will begin to think more clearly, and with a brighter note!

(This is how we see you at this moment in time; a little scattered dear friend. Yes? Yes, this is how we see you, and how others see you. Were it not for a moment’s reflection you might, shall we say, take off like the wind. And we do not want to see this happen to you. No, we would prefer to see you calm and serene, indeed.

By allowing the calmer energies to have their way you will return to a brighter note! And what is meant by a brighter note? What is meant, dear friend, is that you shall return to a state of calm, yet with a lighter note. A lighter note that will allow you to see the situation before you more clearly.

From this lighter note you will begin to see what it is that you need to do to move, ever so slowly, forward to your goal.  That’s right. With a calmer, lighter note you will move forward more freely, with a greater intent, toward that which lies ahead.

All of our wishes go with you, dear friend.)

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Image Credit: anky/

Whoops!  Got over that one.

Whoops! Got over that one, too.

Whoops! Here comes another one. Guess I’ll get over that one, too.

Life has a way of handing us situations and conditions that we feel we cannot cope with. This is compulsory.  No-one has an easy life.  No, no-one gets it easy.

It is not what comes around that bears us down; but how we deal with it. There is a wrong way and a right way. Know that you will find the right way to deal with this situation, and that you too will be able to say. 

“Phew; I got over that one, too!”

(No, life is not for the feint-hearted, that’s for sure. We all have our troubles, and yet, it is those moments in life that we can use to fortify ourselves. Indeed, with each fortification comes greater strength to cope with future moments that require strength to get through.

Yes, my friends, will you not join with us in garnering strength to assail those moments in life that require it? Won’t you allow life to teach you to be strong?

If you answered yes, you will prevail; for, strength upon strength is what you will have.  At the end of the road lives a life well spent. A life fortified with inner strength.)

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Gnu  (Wildebeest)

Image Credit: gopause/

What's new? Nothing. No there's nothing new. Or is there?

Wait a moment; I think that I have thought of something new.................................

Nope, I was mistaken. No...........there's nothing new; just the old, rehashed.

Oh well, guess that's one on me!!!!!

(Look around you and what do you see? Do you see anything new? Do you see the real, or the pretend? It's up to us to see whatever we see. One man's sight may see victorious happenings, whilst another man's sight may view the ridiculous; you get the drift!

We each shall see the world through our own eyes. An obvious statement you say! Yes, all is obvious when viewed through this means. We shall each see what we see through our own particular sight; our own particulars experiences; our own particular viewpoint.

Not to be confused with truth. No, this is where the confusion comes in. Does it not? Indeed it does. We each see through the eyes of our own experience, and this is always somewhat different to the experiences of others.

A simple philosophy, and yet a true philosophy; to be sure.)

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Goat (General)

Image Credit:  NikkiHoff/

Haven’t got time, not now, not ever. There’s all this stuff here waiting and waiting to get done.

Who’s going to do it? NOT ME. NO. NOT ME. YOU CAN DO IT. YES YOU. NOT ME.

NO….. YOU…..YOU CAN DO IT. YES… You can do it !!!

(Well, well, well, the goat personality certainly has a problem with ‘impatience’. Oh boy; I can relate. When I was younger I had the patience of a grasshopper jumping. I’ll hurry on to say that today I have the patience of Job (bible reference). Yes, I overcame that rascally varmint and today am free. Yes my friends, the goat personality would do well to realise that ‘impatience’ is the cause of many disturbances within. The key to unlocking this door is to become aware of the preponderance toward feeling ‘put upon’. Indeed, when we are asked to do something it may not be the fact that we have been asked, that causes us distress; no, it may be something as simple and evasive to our senses as ‘impatience’.

When we recognise that this rascally varmint is the cause we can determine a course of action to manoeuvre around it. Yes, that sounds like a good plan. When we can recognise our anger as coming from our distress and impatience, then we can improve upon our current state and begin the forward movement to freedom.

Yes, sounds like a plan……)

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Gorilla  (Lowland)

Image Credit: Sergey_Uryadnikov/

Well, here we are just one big happy family. Well, here we are just one big happy family.

Well, here we are just one big happy family. Well, here we are just one big happy family.

Did I say ‘happy’? Hmmmmmm……

Well, here we are just one big family, with ups and downs; just like all the rest.

(Did you think that we were going to say something else? Did you think that we were going to be different? Or did you presuppose that we were just like you? Yeah; we are just like you. We have our ups and our downs just like everybody. We aren't special in that respect. No, we get to experience all of the challenges that you face. We have to face lack of love; yes, we suffer from 'lack of love' sometimes too. We suffer illness. Oh yes, we have our tummy aches and our body pains; no, we don't miss out there either. And then there's those types; you know the types, the ones that cause trouble! Yeah, we have them too. Then there's food to find and water for drinking; well, not much water for drinking but sometimes we have to find water. Yeah; life isn't all a 'piece of cake' for us; just as it's not a 'piece of cake' for you too, at times.

But then, we do have our pleasant times too. Yeah; when everyone's happy and content and we're just relaxing; yeah, those times are great. You have those moments too, don't you? Yeah; life's got its ups and its downs but, we do okay you know! Yeah; we do okay.)

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Gorilla  (Mountain)

Image Credit: Sam_Chadwick/

I’m too heavy for my own good. Yes I know. I’ll do something About Aging Backwards it one day. But not now.

(Many of us do this; do we not? We 'put off' things that we know we ought to do today.

Procrastination is a term that can apply to many of us. If we allow this situation to become an everyday event in our lives, eventually we will no longer be living the life that we may have intended for ourselves to live. No my friends; we may find ourselves doing less and less as the years go by; instead of doing more and more.

Does this surprise? Does this surprise that we ought to be doing more and more, and not less and less? Yes? We believe that most, reading this article of life, will feel a surprise reaction welling up from within.

Oh yes, my friends. Life's intention is to show you more, not less. If this were to be the case we would 'lose interest'; would we not? Indeed, this is what would happen were we to allow ourselves to do 'less and less'.

A choice, as always. Life's adventures are always a matter of choice.

What is 'your' choice? To do less or more?)

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Grizzly Bear

Image Credit: Scott_E_Read/

Take life less seriously. Lighten up; lighten your load.

(Yes, sometimes we can do this to ourselves - burden ourselves with worry.

The Grisly Bear personality has a tendency to allow worry to consume him. He/she lives in a world full of promise, and yet he/she will see the 'down' to everything. We all are aware of personalities such as this. They can be in the most wonderful atmosphere (well, at least to others) and yet they will find a fault to talk About Aging Backwards. Yes they do. They will go on and on About Aging Backwards the little things, mostly; and we all know that it can be 'the little things' that can 'get us down'. Oh yes, my friends; the little things in life can sometimes bring us down with a thump. And this is the case for the Grisly Bear personality. He/she can be found feeling anxious over a spilt cup of milk whilst Mount Vesuvius is exploding. Which event means more to the Grisly Bear personality? You guessed it! The spilt milk will have a much more devastating effect upon this personality. His/her whole world can be 'falling around them', and yet it will be the spilt milk that will weigh heavily upon their shoulders.

What can be done for this personality type, you ask? Nothing. No, nothing. It is best to allow this personality type to be as they are. We mustn't try to change them. No, dear ones, this will only lead to resentment, and a 'closing off' of communication. This it will; have no doubt. No, the best way to tackle such a personality is not to judge. That's right. Not to judge is the best method to alleviate this personality's woes.)


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