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Animals  -  What Do Your Favourite Animals Say About Aging Backwards You?

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Animals reflect our behaviour.  Which animal do you like, think About Aging Backwards, see often, feel a closeness to, have a kinship with?  See if it is in our directory below.



Deer  (General)  

Image Credit: bruce-macqueen/

I’m free; free as the wind. I see with eyes of love for I’m free; free as the wind.

I am love, and I see through the eyes of love.

So gentle and sweet is love.

So gentle and sweet are we.

If it is freedom that you want; you will need to attain it inwardly first.

Once you have done this, there will not be a need to ‘fly away’; for you will be safe within.

(And this is the magic of love; it gives one a freedom within. Do you want freedom within? Do you want to feel the warmth of your love upon your breast? Yes? We hope that this is what you want. Then my friend, there will not be the need to ‘fly away’. And what is meant by ‘fly away? What is meant, my friend, is that you will feel safe and secure within your self. There is no need to look for love ‘without’ when you have love ‘within’. That’s right. Love, engendered within, allows you to be present. That’s right. Love within allows you to be here; here where you are. That’s right.

We want you to have this love within, my dear friend, indeed we do. For when you have this love ‘within’, you will not need to go ‘without’. No, dear one, you will not need to look for love when you have love within.

And this is the freedom of which we speak; a freedom that keeps you here; where you are.

Love means freedom within.)

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Dinosaur  (General)

Taken Dec 2015 London Museum

Well, 'big' aren't we! Not for the feint hearted! No. Did we say big?

Well, once upon a time we were big. But not now, no, not now. Extinct; as they say.

Man does not see us in our true context. Yes, we roamed the earth.

Yes, we were large. Yes, we had big appetites. However, only to the extent that was needed.

Just an experience, like all experiences.

Yes, we were spirit enjoying a physical life in the form of a rather large and robust creature known today as a dinosaur.

No different to the family cat, or dog of today, only larger; still with needs of love and care.

No different from you really. Were we?

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Dog  (General)                                                     

Image Credit: petrjilek/

Ever true, Faithful, Loving, Loveable. 

A true servant;  humble and willing.

This is true for the dog family; however, are you going a little too far with your love?

Do you think that your love is being abused? 

Could you be over indulging your loved ones?

These questions need your concern at this moment in time.

We ask that you investigate how much you are giving to others, and see if perhaps, just perhaps, you  are giving too much!

(We can do this in life at times; give too much. We can overburden ourselves with the idea of giving away all of our love, all of our care. Do we not? Yes, indeed we do, at times.

We do not want to see you giving all of you away. No; that would not be a good thing, ’tis true. For when we give ourselves away; what do we have left? You need not answer this question; however, you do need to answer this one.

How much do you think we should give to others, and how much do you think we should keep for ourselves?

Now if you answered 50/50 you would be wrong, my dear friend. No, we need to keep 90% to ourselves. That’s right; 90% must remain with us. Does this surprise? Yes? Good; we thought it may surprise. We’ll tell you why it is best to keep 90% to yourself. Yes? Yes, good. We shall tell you why you need to keep 90% for yourself, and give only 10% away.

You need all of your care, dear friend; do you not? No? Are you saying that you do not need 90% for yourself? Well, if you think that, my dear friend, you shall not have 90% for yourself. And if you do not save 90% of yourself for yourself, you will be doing yourself an injustice.

Think upon this for a while. Look About Aging Backwards you at those who lavish attention upon themselves. Now look About Aging Backwards at those whose attention is primarily on themselves and 10% on others. Do they look happy to you, dear friend? Yes? No?

Keep this in mind as you go through your days. Be aware of those whose self attention is greater or lesser. Give this some time before you reach your conclusion. We would be most happy to hear the results, dear friend.)

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Dolphin  (General)    (See Sea & Water Creatures)



Image Credit: Les_Scholz/

What’s wrong with you? Get out of my way stupid !   Get out. Get out. Get out of my way.

(Indeed; what's wrong with people these days. They stand in your way when you're walking the street. They hold you up at traffic lights when the light has turned green. They send shivers down your back when they speak to their children. The list could go on and on and on and on. What's wrong with people???????

Ahhhhhhh; that feels better.

And this is what we would say to the Echidna personality. Yes, this is what we would suggest to the Echidna personality.

Let it out, Echidna personality. Let it out. Let out all of those little pent up feelings that you experience throughout your day. That's right. Let out all of those mindless things you see being done About Aging Backwards you. It will not do you any good to store them inside. No, dear one, this will most certainly not do. Let them out where they can do no harm. That's right. Let them out to explore the world under their own pressure; and not yours.

We jest, dear one. They will not do any harm to another provided that you allow them escape into the ethers. That is right, dear heart. Yell, scream or wriggle them out if needs be.)

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Elephant   (African)

Image Credit: Joseph D Anthony/

I’m weary; it’s getting harder to live. Day by day eating away.

Yes my friends, it’s getting harder.

(T’would be easy to say that life is easy…. T’would be easy to say that life is hard…

I think it lies somewhere in-between! For those of us honest enough to see the reality of our lives there comes an acceptance; an acceptance between easy and hard. There comes an allowance that gives thought to the tough aspects of life and how they can mould us into better human beings. There are also the easy times when things are going swimmingly with little to no waves. These times bear us up to be able to cope through the not so easy times.

And so it is with the elephant. He bears up under a burden of tough times. He does not shed his responsibility to himself nor to those he protects. The elephant’s part in life is sometimes hard to understand. He protects those around him with an almost unbearable stance and yet he can also be as soft as a lamb when it comes to the important things in life such as; standing one’s ground; being able to land on his feet; having authority over the events in his life; bearing fools; (not so gladly) however,  with kindness.

The elephant personality is a stalwart; a protector; a servant to mankind; a giver and a wonderful friend. May we all have some of the elephant personality within…..)


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