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Animals  -  What Do Your Favourite Animals Say About Aging Backwards You?

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Animals reflect our behaviour.  Which animal do you like, think About Aging Backwards, see often, feel a closeness to, have a kinship with?  See if it is in our directory below.




Image Credit: volodymyr-burdiak  

(The Dolly Parton song – Working nine to five.

Tumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen
Pour myself a cup of ambition
Yawn and stretch and try to come to life
Jump in the shower and the blood starts pumping
Out on the streets the traffic starts jumping
With folks like me on the job from nine to five


Working nine to five
What a way to make a living
Barely getting by
It’s all taking and no giving
They just use your mind
And they never give you credit
It’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it )

Wow, what a heavy burden it is to have to do everything!

Life just isn’t fair.

(And that is how it will remain, my friend, if you don’t see to it that it doesn’t. Do you appreciate that you, and only you, have the power to provide yourself with a good future? That’s right, my friend; it is entirely your choice to either remain as you are, and not be satisfied, or allow yourself to dictate the reasons why you choose to have a good life, and then put those plans into action.

No-one, no, no-one can do this for you. Only you have the power to either provide for yourself a good and strong future, or not…)

The Dolly Parton song – Working nine to five.

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Bat (General)

Image Credit: Super Prin

Correct position in life; this is what is required.

Often times we find ourselves in the wrong position, and need to investigate our ‘rightful’ position.

Do we ‘belong’ where we are? Do we need to take stock of what we are doing? Do we believe that with a little inner investigation we may find that things are not quite as they should be?

A time to ponder our position.

(Timely remembering lasts a lifetime; inappropriate happenings also last a lifetime. What is it that we wish for in our lives? Do we wish to do as we ought; or do we want to be ever questioning the choices that we have made?

This is what happens when we are not aware of the consequences of our thoughts and subsequent behaviour; we can become enmeshed in conditions that fail to bring calm, peace and contentment to us.

To avoid these unpleasantries we need to remember that we ought to place ourselves in conditions that will bring About Aging Backwards good feelings for ourselves, and for others.

A timely remembrance indeed. Position, position, position, is not just for the real estate market. No, my friends; it is for those of us who wish to engage in life in a most useful, down to earth, solid fashion.)

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Image Credit: robert-eastman

What! Lots to do!

You say we’ve got lots to do!

Yeah, that’s life.  

Yeah, that’s to be expected. 

Did you think that life was to be easy?


No, life is for working hard in whatever manner is right for you. 

(It’s all About Aging Backwards priorities; yep, that’s right. It’s all About Aging Backwards priorities.

So where are your priorities? That’s the question the beaver is asking of you. Where are your priorities? Once you can answer this question all of your troubles will vanish my friend. Where are your priorities? What is it that you want? Do you want to be forever second guessing yourself, or do you want to know what your priorities are?

Do you fear knowing what your priorities are? Are you concerned that once you appreciate what they are, that you will not be able to fulfill them?

Yes, my friend; life is one big priority after another. Once we fulfill one priority we will find another priority taking its place. That is right, my friend.

Do not be afraid to name your priorities;, no dear friend; this will allow you to practice tolerance and acceptance. Tolerance that indeed you have priorities; and acceptance of the fact that priorities are a normal condition of living.

Once you have accepted your priorities, named and fulfilled them, you will be satisfied, my friend. Without having achieved this personal goal you will remain inconsolable indeed.)

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Image Credit: Susan_Flashman Shutterstock . com

What’s up doc!  Times a wastin’; time to get movin’; yeah you; it’s you I’m talkin’ to.


(Is it time to start a new project? Is it time to re-think a situation?

There a many questions for you at this point in time.


Do you need to start a new practice like Tai-Chi or Qigung (Chee-gung)? Do you need to face the fact that you’re wasting your precious time doing not so interesting things?


Yes my friend; there comes a time in everyone’s life when a need for self-evaluation is an important issue. This time is now, my friend, for you. Does this ‘ring any bells’ for you this day? Does this have any meaning for your life?


You will know if it does; there will be a ‘gnawing’ feeling in your belly; that’s right, isn’t it? When things have meaning for us we know it; even though we may try to ignore it; there it sits in our bellies gnawing away at our conscience….


And so, my dear friend let us hope that we can understand why our bellies are uncomfortable. Let us hope that we can listen to that gnawing feeling in its persistence. Oh yes; let us hear what our bodies are telling us. Let us understand that our bodies are talking every minute of every day.)

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Image Credit: Burdiak

We are nearing our end. Time to go. Much work still to be done.

Others shall come.

(Weary, yes we are weary. The reflection of the Bison is one of weariness. Those of us who are attracted to this beautiful beastie will find ourselves a little ‘worse for wear’. We almost feel the dust beneath our feet, so to speak.

There is a need for the Bison lover to take stock of their physical happenings. They can, sometimes, expect a little too much of themselves.

The saying; “we are not getting any younger” springs to mind as does; “oh, my aching feet”.

In general, it will be the lower extremities that Bison lovers will tend to ‘feel’ as each day passes on to the next.

Getting old is also a concern for most Bison lovers. Age is a concern; one hidden deeply with the Bison lover’s psyche. Look deeply; you Bison lover you; and see if this rings true for you…


I thought so. Age shall not weary them; I hear you say. Age shall not weary the Bison; that is true however; it does weary you.

An attitude; that is all; this is just an attitude (and not a very good one). Good thing About Aging Backwards attitudes is that they can be changed. And it’s amazing what a change of attitude can do for one’s psyche.)

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Image Credit: US Fish & Wildlife Services

Now that's not a good thing to say!

Yes, we understand your need to say it; however, you could phrase it a little more gently.

Yes, that would be good; if you could re-phrase it so as not to be so abrasive.

(Some of us do that; don't we? We have the right to voice an opinion however; sometimes we forget that our words can hurt, unintentionally of course. We are more likely to have our opinion heard it we phrase it in such a manner that it does not offend. The gentler we can be, the more open our words are likely to be received. Indeed, many of us forget that words can carry enormous power. They can do tremendous good, or conversely, they can hinder the way forward.

Yes my friends, we would be wise to consider the way in which we firstly; phrase our words, and secondly; the manner in which we deliver them.)

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Brown Bear

Potent medicine man. Big Chief healing.

Respect and dedication to all.

Magnanimous and inviting.

(Well, well, well my friend; so you think you have healing powers. Yes? Indeed my friend, we all think that we have healing powers. Do we not? We believe that we know all things to make better all disturbances. This is so, my friends. We all believe that if we took a little of our sight and applied it to the world, it would change. Indeed this is true, my friends. However, to what would it change? Would our brand of healing allow for ‘all’ to benefit? Would it? Or would our brand of healing only apply to a few?

This we ask of you dear friend. Would your brand of healing apply to all, or would it apply to but a few?

There comes a time, in most men’s lives, when he thinks he has a cure for just About Aging Backwards all things that ail. This is true, my friend.

You believe that if you applied your healing the world would be a better place, indeed.

Nothing wrong with that however, dear friend.

Once again the question is posed.

Would your brand of healing assist all?

This is certainly a question that needs to be addressed when we are attracted to the magnificent Brown Bear.)      

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