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Animals  -  What Do Your Favourite Animals Say About Aging Backwards You?

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Animals reflect our behaviour.  Which animal do you like, think About Aging Backwards, see often, feel a closeness to, have a kinship with?  See if it is in our directory below.



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Image Credit: Eric_Isselee

What nonsense! The world is square, yes it is. I know this for a fact! I know because I read it somewhere. Yes I did. That makes it true! Doesn't it? Doesn't it make it true because it was written somewhere?

Well....... Maybe I'll investigate that to see if it is true.

Maybe it's not true. Maybe just because it is written somewhere doesn't mean that it is true. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ....... Have to investigate!

(Well, well, well; it would seem that the Aardvark believes most things he reads; this is true my friends. It would seem that the Aardvark likes to think that all people are truthful. Well, wouldn't that be a lovely thing were this to be true? However, as most of us know, there are those who enjoy telling exaggerated stories in order to impress. This they do, dear hearts. There are others who insist that what they say is true, when they know (deep inside) their message may be tainted by lies and misconceptions.

Yes, my friends; it is better not to judge the character of the story-teller. However, it is best to judge the story. Indeed, all have their frailties; we, none of us is perfect. And yet, were we to take each story as factual evidence of a state of reality, we may be more than disappointed by the resultant consequences.

Therefore, my dear friends, judge not the story teller. However, most certainly take the story into your secret hiding place of the heart and, whilst there, allow your heart to decipher the truth. It shall not let you down, dear one.)

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Gee; not such a long way to go!

Bet you thought there'd be more to us than that; huh?

No, we're pretty ordinary folk who just want peace and quiet. Yeah. Just peace and quiet.

No, we're pretty ordinary folk who just want peace and quiet. Yeah. Just peace and quiet.

(I’m also a little lethargic; yeah. I don’t really want to do much; nope. I’d rather just sit here and let the world go by; yep, that’s right. I’d rather just sit here and allow you to do as you want to do. Yep; that’s right. I don’t want to do anything ‘cause I’m kinda happy doin’ what I’m doin’…. Yeah; that’s right.

Not all of us are ‘go-getters’ you know. Nope; not all of us. Some of us just want to cosy our way through life. Yep; that’s true. Yep, not all of us have to be out there shootin’ the breeze and winning our way through life. Nope; that’s right. Some of us have to stay still and make way for you to do as you want to do. Yep; that’s right. Be no good if all of us wanted to be winners…. Yep…. I don’t need to be a winner, as such. Different kinds of winners you know. Your kind of winner needs to be ‘out there’ winning every conversation, every argument, every moment of every day you’re out there competin’. Yep: that’s right. I don’t need that; you see. Nope; I don’t need that.

Guess I’ll just mosey on over there and see what the grass is like there; may find me some more good stuff to eat…!  That’s what entertains me; you see. The simple things are the things I like. Yep; that’s right.)

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Image Credit: stephenhaynes

Well, well, well; so you think that life is easy? Well, well, well; no, it is not for the feint hearted. Needs courage to get through; yeah courage and a lot of good luck!

A time to be healthy, dear heart! Healthy means; 'in good temper' both physically and mentally.

We see you a little 'unhealthy' at this present moment.

We ask that you 'allow' health to prevail. See your current situation as bringing either health or un-health to you.

Courage, dear one; courage and a good deal of 'luck' are what will bring rewards.

(Never mind what anyone says; you can do it. And, do it you will. However; we can see the toll that it is taking, indeed we can. Persistence is indeed a grand quality to have, we certainly agree with this quality in abundance. However; there comes a point when persistence can become a stubborn trait; and indeed, this is what your life is becoming dear friend: A persistent stubbornness!

Now that we have told you the ‘down-side’; let us tell you the ‘up-side’.

Hold on to your adventure dear friend, as a raft in a sea of turmoil. This raft is definitely your saving grace. However; and there is an ‘however’ dear friend. Do not hold on so tightly that the circulation is prevented from flowing the life giving force around your body. No dear friend, this will suffocate you in time. What we would like to suggest dear friend is that you let go of the reins a little; at least to the point where the stresses of the too tightly held reins can be released to the degree that allows for ‘better circulation’; if you get the drift.

An idea of monumental proportions cannot be dealt with satisfactorily if you are misguiding your chemical make-up into ‘freeze’. No dear friend, this will cause a cessation of the circulation resulting in a state of no go….

A timely warning dear one, to take a look at the body, mind and spirit. They are all within your care; are they not?

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Image Credit: johanswanepoel

A hop, step and a jump away from having it, dear heart. Yes  indeed.

It is 'almost' yours. Be patient. That's right. Patience.

Do we need to say more? Patience is indeed a virtue.......

(I want it now, thank you very much. No; I do not want to wait. I want what I want and I want it now.

How many times have we said this to ourselves throughout our lives? I was one of those impatient souls. I found waiting for anything such a hardship. I wanted instant gratification, thank you very much. It took many years to overcome this. I certainly tried very hard to ignore all common sense. Indeed, if anyone was to try to give me advise I would listen politely and then ignore their words. Oh yes; impatience was indeed one of my constant companions.

I have been advised, during my conversations with The Collective Consciousness, that those things that trouble us can become our greatest assets; given time and a good deal of work. I believe that today I am one of the most patient people I know.

 I am aware of others; they spring to mind as I write.

One, who comes to mind, had a problem with being consistent. She would have wonderful intentions for a day or two; then the old thoughts would return and back she would slide. Today, I am very pleased to say, she is overcoming this preponderance within her mindset and she is experiencing the stability that consistency can bring.

Another has had many concerns regarding endurance. She too has accepted this as her main downfall and is making a conscious effort to maintain a sense of endurance throughout those areas of her life where she once would have failed to endure.

We all have our various concerns whether it be impatience, inconsistency, a lack of staying power, stubbornness; the list is endless. However; with a little self knowledge we can turn those deficits into assets.

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Image Credit Rob_Hainer shutterstock . com

Chicken feed; hen’s teeth and chicken feed. What’s this you’re  giving me?

Don’t you know it’s wrong, wrong, wrong? Don’t give me  chicken feed.

Sometimes we allow others to say and do those things that can bring harm. Sometimes, there is a need to tell others that this just won't do.

A time to 'speak up'.

(Yes indeedee, there comes a time when being quiet just does not make the world go round. Yes indeedee; sometimes, I say sometimes we need to take that bull by its horns and swing it in whatever direction is necessary to get our words out into the open.

And this is what the Ape personality tells us to do. -

Quietly if necessary, or as loudly as needs be we need to ensure that our words do not get stuck in our throats. For, if they do they will cause us such pain and heartache as indeed they must. Our words are the outer manifestation of what lies within. Can others know our thoughts? Can others guess our thoughts? Well sometimes indeed this can happen. However; for the most part our thoughts can only be known by expressing them. And what is wrong with expressing our thoughts? Why nothing is wrong with expressing our thoughts, providing we ensure that we are expressing our thoughts with the intention of letting others know how ‘we’ feel.

Many have a difficulty in doing this, do they not? Indeed. Some have a great difficulty expressing their innermost thoughts because they fear. And what do they fear? Many things do they fear. They fear rejection; they fear loneliness; they fear hostility; they fear mockery, embarrassment; they fear many things that may not be quite as obvious as we may think.

And so, may we say to those of you who have words stuck in your throats; do allow the words the freedom to exist. Is this not what you would like? Wouldn’t this make you feel more comfortable knowing that others understand you better? Indeed, we think that speaking up is a wonderful, if not essential thing to do. Don’t you?)

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Image Credit: heikokiera

A need to protect oneself from the torments of life. Harden up !!

We all need, at times, to look at our ‘self-protection’.

Do we need to adjust our outlook to accommodate the times; certainly we do? We must not allow outside appearances to fool us into believing that all is well…..

(There are moments in life when we can be fooled; these moments can bring us down, if we allow them to. We need to investigate these moments with thoughtful concentration. Are we missing something? Are we allowing ourselves to view the world with ‘rose coloured glasses’; are we taking a simple situation, which is really black, and making it appear white?

Sometimes in life we can want to believe one thing when really there is another thing happening altogether. In other words, my friends, we can deceive ourselves because of a ‘want’ that we may have.

It is certainly the case, when we wish for something to be so, that we can ‘make it so’ within our minds. Do we not, at times, do this? Indeed, some of us do this.

And what is the general outcome under these conditions? The general outcome, my dear friends, is that we lose sight of the reality of the situation which can, and does, bring us harm.

The Armadillo therefore, is warning us not to allow ourselves to firstly; be deceived by outward appearances and secondly; not to self-deceive.

A timely warning, my friends.)


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