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I live in New South Wales, Australia in the beautiful Hunter Valley. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this part of the world you may recognise the location - Sydney. This is where the enormously successful 2000 Olympic Games were held.

Many world travellers came to our shores to be welcomed by our famous unpretentious hospitality. The games marked a great advent for Australia into the broader world scene; gaining great admiration and applause for an Olympic games of great splendour.

Sydney was my hometown until my late twenties. It was then I began to move about my home state of New South Wales with my first husband. David passed in 2001 (we had divorced in 1985 after 12 years of marriage).

My second husband, Graham, was also a wanderer. We moved about New South Wales living in many of Australia's lovely towns and cities (we divorced in 2003 after 8 years of marriage). It needs to be said that Graham and I married because 'spirit' had asked this of us. Both Graham and I appreciated this situation, and dutifully agreed to do whatever was needed of us during this time.

My current home (in the Hunter Valley) is about 2 hours drive north of Sydney in the wine country. My partner Keith and I moved here during 2003. We love the countryside, and have the best of both worlds. We can hear the birds, the cows and the wind; yet we also enjoy the comforts of the local mall, the social dance venues, theatre, and fine dining. We live within easy driving distance of Sydney, and often visit to enjoy the delights a cosmopolitan city has to offer.

During 2007 we began to take dancing lessons and today enjoy the company of friends who also participate in the Australian Dancing competition scene, and the many wonderful social dances.

It comes as a great surprise to me to be living this life as richly as I now do. I always knew (throughout my life) that this was to be the case for me as I aged. Yet, when I stop to contemplate, it is hard to conceive of myself as that shy young girl, suffering from dyslexia, with a mentality that couldn't wait to leave this world, being now engaged in wonderful activity, a loving relationship, with many friendships and enjoyment in all areas of my life.

I would love to hear from you. Perhaps you may also like to visit my blog where many of the posts/reflections are accompanied by my voice readings.


Added 2017

This year, 2017, marks a new advent into creating videos highlighting Backwards Aging. They can be found here.



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